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Olympian of the Month!

Daniel Li 8-21-2013

Congratulations to Daniel Li out of Minneapolis for being Olympian of the Month

You will hear from Daniel on Monday’s upcoming episode of Altig TV, but first how did Daniel get to where he is today?

Daniel Li was raised in Minnesota, where he later graduated from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Unable to find competitive pay from entry-level accounting jobs, he posted his resume on CareerBuilder—that’s when AIL called.

Daniel interviewed with Patrick Stenglein in the Minneapolis office in 2013. He was excited about the growth opportunity available and the access to great leaders like Patrick for guidance. “I didn’t think I was good with people, but Patrick saw more in me than I did.”

Within two months, Daniel was promoted to Supervising Agent. “I enjoy training new people and helping them achieve the same success I have experienced. In fact, I started utilizing management skills I never knew I had.” He goes on to say, “It was nice being a personal producer, but as an SA I have the ability to change other people’s lives by sharing this opportunity.”

Daniel was promoted to Master General Agent in January of 2014. “I started my career right out college, 21 years old, with no sales experience. If can succeed at this—anyone can!”

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