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Million Dollar Man!

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Congratulations to Mr. Parm Sangha on qualifying for the Million Dollar Club with the lifetime achievement of $1,021,129 net ALP!

Parm will receive a bonus of $5,000 and the Million Dollar Club Award.

Parm Sangha was raised in Punjab, India, where he received two degrees: Bachelor’s in Science and Education. He later made the move to Canada, where he has lived in Surrey, British Columbia, for the past 35 years.

Before finding AIL, Parm worked at various odd jobs, but it was while he was working for a labor union that a friend connected him to a Personal Recruiter out of the Burnaby office. He then interviewed with Dick Altig, company founder and father to Chairman, Rick Altig. “I knew I needed change. I wanted to get away from manual labor, and this was an opportunity to do that and make more money.” He was hired in 1990 and had the opportunity of being mentored by one of Altig’s most successful leaders, Regional General Agent Rick Mansfield.

2015 is a year of many milestones for Parm. He broke through the million dollar mark in lifetime net alp, and it also marks his 25-year anniversary with AIL. “Throughout my career, I am most proud of the financial independence I worked hard to gain for many years. I have always been a personal producer, and it has given me the freedom in my work I have always wanted.”

He credits his success to the support he receives from the Burnaby and Redmond offices, self-discipline, and consistency. “It’s is very important to commit to a work schedule and don’t deviate—use your time efficiently. Also, be consistent in your work, even in the low times.”

Parm looks forward to continued success and growth in his career. “I love what I am doing. I feel excited to go to work every day. I am able to work with new people and show them how they can easily benefit their lives.” This May, you will see Parm receive his Million Dollar Award at AIL Convention in San Diego, as well as other recognition for his many career achievements.

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