Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

They’re gonna need a bigger boat

October results are in and Altig is dominating the Mediterranean Cruise contest. Eight of the top 15 people on track for the cruise are from Altig-Orlovic – 7 more people are in contention. The contest started in October and goes to March 31st. Keep rocking the ALP boat!

#1 Mark Neilson $54,300 ALP

#4 Bruce Tan $31,509

#5 Dan Toshner $30,613

#6 Ryan Kendl $29,851

#7 Jonni Ng $29,638

#11 Nick Walsh $23,768

#12 Erez Shabtay $23,043

#14 John Cochrane $21,262

Plus, many people are in contention: Katie Massart (18), Daniel Li (19), Thomas King (20), Dustin Dunbar (21), Bruce Viaje (22), Andrew Bishop (23), Inderjit Toor (25)


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