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Phil’s Leadership Memo 10/22/13

Phil_bio_pageTo have long term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way.      -Pat Riley, head coach of 5 NBA champion teams

On a sad note, long-time University of Washington coach Don James died yesterday at the age of 80.  A good coach has a solid record that reflects his work.  A great coach has a legacy he leaves behind.  Two of James’ former players were Nick Saban and Gary Pinkel.  They went on to be assistant coaches for him.  Sabin today is head coach of the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.  Pinkel is head coach of the #5 Missouri Tigers.  Here’s how they described their mentor.

Saban, the undisputed best college coach in the country said, “There aren’t words to describe not only the great coach he was, but how much he cared for people and the positive impact he made in the lives of everyone he came into contact with.  Coach James was my mentor and probably did more than anybody to influence me in this profession.  Like I’ve said before, I didn’t plan on going into coaching.  He saw something in me and asked me to be a graduate assistant coach.”

From an organizational standpoint, our program today is run much like he ran his program.  He was very organized, efficient, and did an outstanding job of defining expectations for players, coaches and everyone in the organization.  He was always personal and inspirational to players and people around him.  He wanted you to reach your full potential as a football player; you were a better person because of the time you spent with Coach James.”

I could remove the words “Coach” and “Player” and insert “RGA or MGA” and “SA or Agent.”   If you died today, would people say these kinds of things about you?    He or she was always looking to make everybody around them better.    You improved, both personally and professionally, because of the time people spent with you.    You influenced their career, you saw something in them that nobody else saw.   Challenging, huh?

Octoberfest is over.  But American Income has stepped it up and announced two HUGE prize pots:

First.   The 6 Month Mediterranean Cruise Contest.  Now this isn’t your ordinary Mediterranean Cruise.   AIL pulled out all the stops.  This is a one-week luxury experience on the Silver Sea ship The Silver Spirit.  Silver Sea is a high-end luxury line that generally is reserved for the very elite.  You’ll embark from Venice, Italy, hit the ports of Split and Dubrovnik and Zadar in Croatia, Koper in Slovenia, and Ravenna, Italy before heading back to Venice, exploring the most exotic cities on the Eastern side of Italy.   All on the newest ship in Silver Sea’s fleet, the Silver Spirit, with an 8,300 square foot spa and a resort-style pool.  I looked it up on-line, this would cost you $10,000 to $20,000 with airfare, for you and a guest, depending on where you’re coming from and which room.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

30 trips for two will be awarded, including 15 for the top 15 producers.  The contest period is October 1 to March 31, 2014, so the work you’ve already done for Octoberfest has catapulted you out of the gate.  It’s business submitted and processed by AIL between those dates.

The other 15 will be SA’s/GA’s, net ALP of Direct Codes (the top 4), 3 MGA’s and 1 RGA’s.  Top ALP in your hierarchy.  SGA’s and PR reps round out the categories.   See for additional details.

Second, they are running a Personal Recruiting Bonus, for personal recruits that start between November 1 and December 31.  Everyone can participate.  The recruiter gets $100 when they code and $4,000 when they hit $2,000 in ALP.   So $500 total when you get them to $2,000 in November and December.  And there is NO LIMIT to the number of personal recruits.  RMS, newspaper, career fairs, internet postings and colleges don’t count as personal recruits.  A Personal Recruit Hire Form will certify it and must be signed by the recruit, SGA and personal recruiter.

The Grand Finale.  Part 10 of Ilija’s points of contact.  Our CEO laid out the most critical times and stages in the life of an agent.  And here’s how he sums it up:

Dare to be different and cherish it.  In a world that tries to squeeze you to conform – stand out.  Now if you do the previous nine points, it will make you different from anything they ever experienced in their life.  So don’t be hypocritical; be different.   You culture is your agency and your agency is your culture.

Leaders get the behavior that they tolerate.   Regardless if you like holding people accountable or not, you have to.

-To change your agency takes a week.   To get lasting, ongoing growth, and a culture of success, and change it forever, you need to repeat that week for 6 months.

– You can react to circumstances and things that happen to you…or you can be in control and make things happen.  Would you rather anticipate and try to predict the future or would you rather invent it and create your own future?

-Wherever and whenever we have the growth it is a consequence of proper culture.   Show me ongoing growth and I’ll show you a courageous leader!

#1 territory in the company:

Minnesota.   $35,143 in First Six Month Agent Production.  Their tenured agents are averaging $1,464 per sale, and their new agents followed suite with $1,065.  That’s what I call leading by example. 19% closing.  That’ a few points under the company as a whole.  Yes, it’s common for new agents learning the ropes to start with a closing ratio that’s a little lower.  Very natural.  Give them a few months and they’ll be leading the company.  Strong in referrals, response cards and POS, so that opens several markets.  14 out of 15 coded agents wrote business.  $3,242 ALP per agent overall.  Patrick wrote $25,000 and Ryan added $11,000.  You know you’ve arrived when only first names are necessary.  They are doing it right in Minneapolis.

#2.   Washington State.  $31,497.   They are now selling more referrals than response cards.  That’s been an effort they’ve made, and it’s paying off.    Vancouver is surging into the lead.     That’s Jon Maust, Hunter Houvener and Levi Stearn making it happen in this suburb of Portland.

#3.  Tennessee.  $29,842.  Almost $1,200 ALP per sale among their new agents.   $65,000 total ALP.   Knoxville is flying.  Jonni Ng came in at $15,000 and Hunter Houvener, $14,000.  As an office, 11 guys averaged $3,141 ALP apiece, so good things are happening here.

#4.  Utah.  $22,565.  $1,128 ALP per sale for their first-six-month agents.  If you’re seeing a trend here, it’s that agents are coming out of training strong enough to sell substantial deals out of the chute.   Trevor Mayer single-handedly wrote over $20,000.  He is growing as a leader every week.

#5.  Manitoba.  $20,050.  26% closing.  They’re getting trained well in Manitoba.  29% on POS.  Sara Vaz.  Remember that name.    Six agents but they wrote over $2,500 each, so she’s got the makings of great young agency

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