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Phil’s Leadership Memo 10/2/2013

Phil_bio_pageNever look back unless you are planning to go that way.           –Henry David Thoreau

So no one in AO-ville has been laid off this week.   Unless by their own performance.  Strange thing, this “furlough“.    Altig-Orlovic has never left anyone out in the cold on furlough, ever.   And here’s the sad part.   The people that are messed with are not the ones causing it.   The Republicans and Democrats on the Hill are fine.   I’m not going to publically take sides on this one only to say, this should have been figured out and settled long before everyday people start getting hurt.

It only affects non-essential federal government workers.   So who determines that?   It could get a little quiet in the room when Joe Biden‘s name comes up.

At church on Sunday, I asked one friend who works at the Small Business Administration (which is run by the federal government); what his situation was.   He said that if they don’t fix it in a couple weeks, he’s going to be grabbing money out of the offering plate when it goes by rather than contributing anything.    But he can’t do a thing about it; it’s completely out of his control.   It would be like Rob Hay and James Hill having a difference of opinion, and you couldn’t work because of it.   I can promise you,  that will never happen.  Let’s hope they solve this thing soon.   The major money houses in New York say that this could start affecting the whole economy if it continues on for a long time.   About all we can do is keep our small part of the economy rolling along.

How about those Seattle Seahawks?!?   I have two goals this year.  One is to inform and inspire you to new heights.  The other is to convert you to a Seahawk fan by February.    This team showed this weekend what it has inside of them.   Hang with me a minute and I’ll tie into your business so the story makes sense.

The team had won their first 3 games of the season; all of them by quite a bit.   The week before, the game was over by half time.   But Sunday they had to fly down to Houston, play an early game (that was REAL early to them, considering the time zones).  Without 3 of their starting offensive linemen.   And by the middle of the fourth quarter.   Houston had completely “dominated them, on both sides of the ball.”   Coach’s words, not mine.   And it would have been easy to coast and regroup for next week’s game.

But as Red Bryant, the 323 pound defensive end yelled in the locker room:  “We stepped up to every challenge.   Leaders, playmakers, role players.  We fight.  Continue to fight.  That’s all we know is to fight.   We are men of great character.”    Receiver Golden Tate said it this way:  When things are going great, it’s easy.  But looking in our eyes at half-time, when we’re getting dominated on both sides of the ball, and seeing that we are still confident, THAT tells you who we really are.

Bryant added.  “We ain’t never out of it.   As long as we have air in our lungs, we’re going to battle.”   And that is why this win might say more about the team that the previous 3 blowouts.   They showed the world what was inside of them.  Which is more important than any single characteristic.

And we go into that same battle every day.   What we do is not easy.  Competition is fierce.  Competing insurance companies, competing pulls on our client’s spending dollars, things competing for our focus and attention.  But really; any competition can be overcome if you have the strength within to overcome.  The only way you lose is if you quit fighting.

We are rounding the corner on Ilija Orlovic’s 10 points of culture.  The first five are in the books.  If you missed any, see your manager.  We archive everything.  #6.  What happens when they come into your office for the first time with improper attitude or inadequate activity.   Both of those will doom your agent’s career.  How you react to it can make the difference between them succeeding or failing.

Your approach needs to be that people don’t do things for 2 reasons.  They don’t want to or they don’t know how.      The question you need to ask is:  “Do you know how?”   In 90% of the cases, the people don’t know how.   The other 10% get one more chance.

Point of contact #7 is related: Jump in when they need you.   Don’t wait for them to ask for help because it won’t happen.   Watch their results closely, and determine what they need.  The beginner needs direction.  The disillusioned needs coaching.  The cautious needs support and the achiever needs responsibility.    Challenge them to the next step of success at all times.    If they had 20 presentations, their next best is 25.  If they wrote $6,000, they should call you when they write $9,000.   If they collected 31 referrals, challenge them to 40.

People are scared of both success and failure and you need to push them over that barrier in their mind.

We have a NEW #1.  After months of Washington being in the lead position, another territory surges to the lead:  British Columbia.   $42,196.   So how’d BC do it?   They’ve always had a great core of tenured agents.  Now they’ve added solid hiring, and you end up with NEW Agents that AVERAGE 24% closing, or 1 out of 4.   At $1,205 per sale.   You don’t have to sell a ton of deals to make a great paycheck, if the average one is $1,200.   It’s almost like the new agents inspired the guys that have been around quite a while, and the longer term agents stepped it up and did some fantastic training.  Who gets credit?   Let’s start with Bob Gujral.   His MGA-ship topped the $20,000 cut-off by himself.    They closed 38% or one of the best in the company.    And that’s just his NEW agents.  Agents over 6 months closed 42% of their presentations.  I think most RGA’s and MGA’s should be saying, “I’ll have what he’s having,” about now.    Burnaby threw in $13K,  Noel Ables and Alex Kae tandem in that office.

#2.   California.  $36,290.    Huntington Beach topped $30K; Chico contributed the rest.   Josh Olin and Dave Thorton are the heavy hitters here.   Over $1,000 ALP per sale, so these new agents are coming out of the chute with confidence.

#3.   Tennessee.  $32,736.   Knoxville.   HH

Home of the University of Tennessee Volunteers.  More stellar training.  This office has their new agents closing 23% in short order.   The guys training them are closing 30%, so they are just passing on good habits.  Houvener Hunter and Jonni NG lead the way here.   Nashville tossed in $12,000.   So that’s solid.   Ashlynn Orng is driving this one.

#4.  Minnesota.  $25,042.  Trevor Mayer breaks out into the lead here.  $9,378 to top everyone.    The four MGA’s combined to average $1,089 ALP per sale, so another office showing strong-sized deals.

#5.  Washington.  $23,096.  In all fairness, Nick is planting offices around the country and so he’s just taking a minute to re-load.  I’ve seen his hiring and they will be back to full capacity in no time.   Vancouver had $7,731 in New Agent sales.   Tacoma was right behind them, so those offices are growing.

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