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Phil’s Memo – 5/29/2013

Phil_bio_pageYou must be the change you wish to see in the world.   Mahatma Gandhi

Every now and then I read a story that stops me in my tracks.  You can sometimes grow calloused to the what goes on in the world but then something shocks you back to the reality of life.  This exchange was aired on the NBC show yesterday:

Cindy Donald was an active, beautiful 13-year-old.   Her family lived in  Atlanta, Georgia; she was a cheerleader on her school’s cheerleading team.   One hot afternoon, she laid out a blanket and was sunbathing in the driveway of their house.   She was talking to her best friend on her cell phone when she heard her dad drive up the driveway in the family car.  She turned over to look at him.  And since she saw him, she assumed, he saw her.   He was distracted and not paying attention, and he didn’t.

After hitting her, he immediately jumped out of the car.   She couldn’t feel her arms.  He held her and was afraid she was going to die.   She told him, “If I die, don’t blame yourself.”   Wow.  I can’t image the scene.   She lived, though she remains completely paralyzed from the neck down and took months to recover from a severe brain injury.    The community rallied around the family and held numerous fund-raisers for her rehabilitation.  She was overwhelmed by the goodness and generosity of her fellow human beings.

In response to everything that happened, today at the age of 21, she runs an organization to help others that have suffered severe spinal cord and traumatic brain issues.  You can see a lot of her work at   But the sentence that really struck me in the whole interview was this:   “I believe that I found a lot of purpose in my life through this.”   That’s from a 21-year-old.   Through her life experience, as tragic as it was, she understood what she needed to do.  We’ve sometimes called this your “Why.”    Having been given a unique perspective on a part of life, a person understands how they need to respond.   What they need to do.  It becomes unambiguously clear.

Hopefully, you won’t have to have a catastrophic event in your life to come to that understanding.   I do see some of those “Aha!” moments here in people’s professional careers here at Altig.  I saw one last week when Lauren Coyne came back from Virginia Beach.   Last week, I shared with you some of her results.  This week, I want to give you a follow up and some of the “Why” behind what Lauren (and the rest of the Field Managers and Executive Team) are try to accomplish through Operation Field.  Below, is an e-mail she sent Ilija that I got.  I cut it down a little to fit it but it’s mostly verbatim.    Copied with permission.



I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your mentorship over the last few years but more importantly the last few months with Operation Field. Everyday all of us are taking your advice and guidance to improve the future leaders in Altig and I am so very grateful to you and the executives for giving me this opportunity to implement a people first culture again.

Before I left for Virginia, I did a lot of thinking on our trip to Las Vegas and how I could be better, more efficient, more effective and get better results for the managers I was training in the car. The conclusion I came to was that I needed to throw it all on the table and go for the gold, but most importantly I needed to win as much as I could but not allow my wins to be based on sales or ALP. We all know that with proper activity sales come.

When the five of us sat down with you, Rob, James, Dustin and Brett at ABC, we started this year with our focus only on activity, referrals and personal recruiting. It was no longer about what closing ratio was or how much ALP we wrote, but simply three things that we had to master. So in Virginia, I focused only on those three things! I told myself that I had to win in every home but I gave myself permission to miss 66% of the time. What I mean by that is I had to pick up activity from the home, I had to collect referrals, and I had to ask for personal recruits, but I could miss on two of them so I only had to close 33% in every home.

Based on those wins, we booked 24 referrals from the home and sat with 17 of them, we went from 57 live leads to 146 and 7 personal recruits with 3 hires. I ended Wednesday with 18 presentations. If I was an agent I would have worked two hours on Thursday afternoon to earn a four day weekend. This is the career that I signed up for three years ago! Any person with any background can do this as long as they are willing to work effectively and efficiently during the hours they are in the field. Based on live lead count I could release two new agents on a referral only lead pack. That’s exciting! No PR complaints, higher ALP per sale, higher close and clients are grateful that they get to see exclusive benefits.

Again, I just want to thank you, the executives and the entire Field Operations team for believing in me every step of the way, challenging me when I needed it and pushing me to do better things for the managers I am riding with. Without your guidance I would not be where I am professionally or personally!

In this leader’s life, she had gone 3 years not totally experiencing the vision that she had signed onto.  But she knew what was possible and when she saw Operation Field, she realized that this was the missing  link to her having the professional life she wanted.   And not only for herself, but even more importantly, for everyone that she trains.   She not only personally appreciates what is now possible, but she has the opportunity to change the lives of many others around her regularly.  Not many people can do that.   Sometimes it takes a bottoming-out.   Sometimes that will require a tragedy to awaken a person.  Sometimes, just seeing it work will be enough to compel you to make a change.  And that’s one of the things we are hoping for as we fund this elite team of Training Managers to go out and not direct, “Do this,” but “Copy me.”   To not state, “Go there,” but “Follow me.”  To not say, “Listen to me,” but “Watch me.”   This is pivotal crossroads for all of us.   Don’t miss it.

It was Memorial Day weekend and still the top 4 territories were US.   They are on a roll right now.


#1.  Hawaii.  $39,634 in first-six-month agent production.  We look for $20,000 and they hand in almost $40K.   That’s leadership.   This was one of the first places Ilija personally took his team and taught Operation Field to.    Raining in Redmond.  Hot in Hawaii.   Took all of 3 seconds to make that decision.  31 referral sales amongst the new agents; 69 total referral sales.  They are implementing it well.   The result?   Over $3,000 ALP per agent across the state.  When fully implemented, that’ll push up to $4,000, but 3 grand a week for your average person is a huge step up.   Maui lapped everyone with $36,900.  31% closing and $1,055 ALP per Sale.  These guys did average $4,000 per agent.  $4,100 in fact.   Blake Higuchi is on fire.  Ualena edged out Waipahu for second place.  Both topped $18,000 in Total ALP.


#2.  Washington.  $35,517 in new agent production.   40 referral sales but also 25 POS.   Those two mixed together well.   POS are great for Sunday afternoon booking or drop-bys.   This was a team approach.  Redmond $23,000.  Tacoma $15,000.   Renton $14,000.  Vancouver $12,000 and Lynnwood $11,300.   Those are five solid offices in one state.  Redmond averaged a solid $1,107 ALP per sale.  Nick Lorence and Vlad Derevyanyy are your two top MGA-ships, both at about $20,000.


#3.   Virginia.  $19,938 in new agent production.   They had more referral sales than all other sources of leads put together.   That will soon be the norm.  Over 800 referral leads collected; they are setting themselves up for explosive growth.  That would have been unheard of 2 months ago.   Ryan Tucker turned in over $30,000 in Richmond to lap all the other MGA’s.    He had 10 writing agents average over $3,000 apiece.  Virginia Beach wrote $15,000 led by the venerable Jon Maust.


#4.   Nevada.  $18,884.   They were a chip or two short but I’ll slide them a freebie because of the holiday.   This region sold more referrals than any other lead as well.   That’s how they have floated to the top.   Central Vegas led all office in that state with $23,600.   Good job Dave Iriye.

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