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Phil’s Memo 4/16/2013

Phil_bio_pageIntegrity means you are what you live, not what you preach.   

~ Ilija Orlovic, CEO, Altig                                                                                      

Most people do not see a lot of success in their lives.  Yes, you can watch a Youtube video or see an ESPN program.  But that is watching success, not necessarily seeing it.  Isn’t watching and seeing the same thing?   Not really.  When you watch something, you are in a passive mode.  When you see something, you are actively involved.  I didn’t say participating.  That’s the next level.  But you are actively absorbing it, not passively viewing.   That’s why it costs $50 for a live concert, and $10-$15 to download the same songs, even though you can play them over and over.  Your I-phone is passive; a concert creates an interactive experience.  That is why we are sending out our field trainers to each territory to show how we are getting people to 5 presentations a day.  I’ll take you along here on a week-by-week basis to give you some framework.

Speaking of experiencing success, March bonuses are out.   I know I talk about bonuses a lot but they are a bit like birthdays.  You never really get tired of them.  And every month I say, well, we just did them last month; and then every month I realize how HUGE they are, and that never gets old.   And that’s what happened again this month.  So I’ll buzz by them.   $12,066.  Yes.   That’s one bonus.   Mark Neilson is on fire.   His bonus is better than many agent’s total ALP.   Amazing has its rewards.    Katie Massart earned $4,306.   I say earned because these bonuses aren’t subjective.  They are based totally on your results.   Ryan Kendl $4,037, Erez Shabtay got $3,763, Dustin Klingebiel $3,627, and Miranda Mortensen, $3,586.  Chris Avery, our IT guru, just put together Bonus Certificates that are sent out to each office.  This is a great tool because there are so many ways people get paid that they start to lose track of what’s what.  I’ve had agents have $10,000 in their account (over a few months) and not even realize they had bonused.   Make sure to download and hand out your agency’s Bonus Certificates so recognize your agency’s accomplishments.

Over $2 million in WGB bonuses.   Almost $1 million in Leadership Bonuses.  27 MGA’s got a minimum of $500.   Nick Lorence took home $9,231.   Rising star Hunter Houvener got $4,041.  Trevor Mayer got $3,766.   Trevor also got another $2,300 as a reinstatement bonus.   AND an $800 Reinstatement Bonus.   You actually can earn about 8 different bonuses.   A group of leaders hoovered around $3,000.  Let me give you a quick listing:  Blake Higuchi, Darrell Asbell, John McGrath, Jonathan Emura, Ryan Tucker.   Six others got between $1,000 and $2,000 in bonus money.

Extra money.  I promised I’d alert you guys to pockets of money at AIL.   Here’s a big one:  The Million Dollar Club.   Erez Shabtay just picked up a check for an extra $5,000 this week.  Why did they send him an extra $5,000?  Because he just past the $1,000, 000 in ALP mark.  $1 million dollars!  That sounds impossible.   It may be…if you’re trying to do it in a year.  But last week we learned how to accomplish almost anything:  Break it down into digestible piecesHow do you write $1 million in ALP?  One year at a time.   Can you write $2,000 in week?  Of course.   Can you work 50 weeks a year?   Most people do.  Can you work for 10 years?   Almost everyone does.  So $2,000 a week, 50 weeks a year and for 10 years totals $ 1,000,000.  And that’s average production, average workweeks.  Just being consistent.  It could be you.

I’ve been starting to brief you on our plan of attack to get our whole company up to 4-5 presentations a day.   Our size sale is hovering around $900.  That is excellent.  We’re closing between one out of three and four across the board.  Which is solid.  We just aren’t seeing enough people to consistently be successful.  And then the answer came to me a couple weeks ago in the headlines of the Seattle Times.   The answer is:  Ready for this one?  Food Trucks.

Food Trucks?  Yes, food trucks.  You see, Seattle is a foodie town.  When you see lists of the best restaurants in the US, there are usually several in Seattle.  Seems like there is a restaurant on about every corner.  But a lot of them are half-filled right now.  You can blame the economy.  You can point to consumer trends changing; fewer people are going out to eat.  You can say there are too many good restaurants.   But the reality of it is that if customers don’t come in the door, you don’t sell any food.    You can improve the quality of the food.  You can upsell and add on all the appetizers and desserts, you can change the look of your restaurant.  But it still comes down to one factor:  The number of customers that you see.

And then I realized that they have the exact same challenge that we do.  We have products that everybody needs.   When we give a good presentation, the results are generally positive.  We can upsell or add benefits, but the crux of our success is ultimately based on how many people we get in front of.   People, especially in larger cities, are getting harder to get a hold of.  They are not picking up every call as readily.

So what are the best restaurants doing about getting in front of more people?  Food trucks.   People aren’t coming to them as much anymore.  So they are going to the people.   These aren’t taco trucks I’m talking about.  It’s The Barking Frog.  The Plum.  The Brass Tacks.  Many of the most elite, most expensive places in town.  Same good food.  Most of the same selections.   But they are jumping on it and taking it out to the people…Where they are…How they are responding today.

And that is the answer to our mandate to see 5 people a day.   I already showed you how to set up the first day: Monday.   Do a quick booking from 4:00-5:30 on Sunday afternoon.   For agencies that have already implemented this part, it has changed their life.   By just focusing on one day, limiting the booking to a short sprint, the results have been startling.  They are getting hold of more people, people are more receptive, and our sales force is much more relaxed.  We have eliminated people looking ahead several days and focused everyone on the here and now.  It’s tough to control something 5 days out, but our ability to script tomorrow is pretty strong.  And that is the principle that drives the success we are experiencing.  So how do we send food trucks out into the field for our company?  We’ll hit that next week.

#1 territory.  By an inch.  Washington.  $42,863.  The big story in Washington is referrals.  They just took the lead this week with 1,621 collected.  They implement the new booking system and wrote $130,000 in ALP.   Two weeks in a row at $130,000.   Yes.  This stuff works.  Nick Lorence had $45,000 in Redmond and Hunter Houvener got $39,000 out of Lynnwood.

#2.  Right on the Washington’s heels – Hawaii. $41,717 in first six month production.  Their new agents closed 31% at an average sale of $948.   They collected 1,312 referrals.   So the #1 referral office is the #1 producer and the #2 referral collector is the #2 office.  That is not a mistake.  The state went 82 out of 254 on presenting to referrals.   That’s 1 out of 3.

#3. Nevada.  $33,062 in first six month production.  35% closing ratio for their NEW agents.  On referral presentations they smashed that number.   13 out of 23.  That’s better than 50%.  That’s right.  So if you gave 100 referral presentations, you’d have 50 sales.  Again, it’s just a numbers game – how many presentations can they make.

#4.  California.  $28,544.   This is Huntington Beach, Los Angeles and Chico, in that order.  Josh Olin is your top MGA here.

#5.  Idaho.  $21,782 in New Agent Production.  They caught onto power of referrals and the state is exploding.  16 sales out of 31 referral presentations; better than one out of two. They were third in all of Altig for total production with over $71,000.   Why the huge jump?  They increased their activity 50% in one week.  And the AVERAGE agent in that state wrote $4,454.  That is what is possible with great leadership.  Rick Mansfield is the RGA, and with Tina Phongsavath they have done a TERRIFIC job.  The Idaho Falls office didn’t even exist 12 months ago and they wrote $27,000.

Utah had $19,600 and Virginia $18,300 so they are knocking on the door of greatness.

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