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Phil’s Memo – 4/11/2013

Phil_bio_pageThe problem is never how to get new innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.                                                                       -Dee Hock, Founder of Visa


We had some GREAT individual performances for March, including the TOP 3 in all of American Income Life and 5 of the top 8.   Mark Nielson wrote $69,900 of NET ALP for the month.  Yes, that’s about $16,000 to $17,000 per week.    Wow.  We can talk theoretically until the cows come home but when someone goes out and does something like that, it shows how much is really possible.   Katie Massert, #2.   A more human $27,412 effort.  89% retention.   #3.  Ryan Kendl, $26,166.   That’s vaults him up to #7 Year-to-Date with $53,000.   New agent Miranda Mortenson wrote $21,432 and Erez Shabtay, the pride of Tennessee wrote $19,295.   They are over 92% and 91% retention respectively.   If you think you have to take questionable deals to write big numbers, that just blew your theory out of the water.   Dustin Dunbar is sitting fourth on the continent with $56,240 of ALP year-to-date.   Remember, the Year-to Date numbers will start ramping up as the year goes on, as people start to really start putting in some high activity.


So did anyone try cleanse themselves from media and electronics for a week?  How tough was it?   Were you made aware of how many distractions and how much time you were sinking there?  This is affecting all of us.  JC Penney company has been struggling recently, with their stock taking repeated hits.   An efficiency expert was hired to try solve their operational problems.  He came in and discovered that the majority of their employees in their Plano, Texas headquarters were spending much of their time watching YouTube videos.   As in millions of them.   5 million to be exact.  Just in the month of January.   With 4,800 people working in the main facility, that turned out to be an AVERAGE of 52 videos every single day by every single person.    Some obviously were watching more.   And that was just YouTube.


How much time were they wasting?   Enough that after they focused their workforce for a couple months and started fixing their “culture”, they ended up laying off 1,600 of the employees there (yes, exactly a third) and are getting as much done.    Electronic media made them 33% less efficient.   This had permeated their entire company, which is difficult to turn around.   35% of the company’s entire bandwidth coming into the building was just YouTube.   One expert observed that many were “addicted” (his word, not mine) to social and electronic media.   Now, business and stock analysts are publically wondering if JC Penney’s can even be saved and survive.   Yesterday, Ron Johnson, the CEO of Penney’s was fired.  There were other parts of the company’s culture that were also causing widespread ineffectiveness, but 4,800 employees watching 60 million videos a year of cats doing dumb things certainly didn’t help.


Penney’s was company-wide.  But I care about your success.  Does 33% of your time evaporate every week?   Unless you are unbelievably skilled, that could easily be the difference between making it and not.    Thriving and barely surviving.   You are your own boss:  Check yourself.


Final Four.  In the end, Louisville just had too much.  Too much teamwork; they had worked too hard and practiced too much for anybody to compete.   If you saw the game, if was clear Michigan’s athletes were every bit as talented.   But Louisville had always seemed to pull it out in the end, and as you watched them fall behind, you just had the sense that they would do it one more time.  Two quick lessons.


You can be vital to your team, anytime, all the time.  Even when you aren’t one the floor.  Kevin Ware went down with a horrific broken leg (it’s on Youtube, but don’t go look.  #1.  You are no longer enslaved to media and #2.  You can never “unsee” it).  And it is gruesome.   But he didn’t just sit in the crowd and feel sorry for himself.  He was encouraging, he was inspiring.   So even when you don’t think you need to be “on”,  if you are within earshot or eyeshot of your co-workers, be a positive influence on your team.


Louisville’s Luke Hancock and Michigan’s Spike Albrecht were both pretty deep subs.  But when their number was called, they played HUGE rolls in their team’s success.  Be a specialist at something.  Quality.  Recruiting.  POS.  Training.  Phone booking.  Referrals.  Have an area where you devote the time to become an expert, and you will be called at some point to play a vital role in your agency’s life.   Don’t wait until you are the RGA or MGA.


Second, you are never too old, too young, too damaged.   Rick Pitino is 60 years old, an age when a lot of guys are starting to let up.  He’s going at it stronger than ever.     The Michigan team was the youngest.  Not just of the Final Four but of the whole NCAA tournament.    AIL has top performers that are 20 and 65 and everything in between.   Toss out that mental obstacle.   And Rick Pitino, if you may recall, was fired from his last school for a very public extra-marital affair that had gotten him fired.   In life, there is redemption, no matter your past.   It ain’t over until you say it is.


Finally, I’m sharing with you the new system that will change not only your agency, but the whole company.    How we are going to get EVERYBODY up to 20 presentations a week?   Last week, we learned how to break things down to components, or consumable sizes.   You can do 4 or 5 presentations in a day.  With a little training and practice, everybody can.   Let’s start giving some details, putting some meat on the framework.

First step:  Book 7 appointments on Sunday for MondayWhy Sunday?  Because studies have all shown that is the very best day to get a hold of people.  They are relaxed and more likely to answer the phone.    Our test agency started at 4:30 and most of them were done in about an hour and 15 minutes.  Just book until you hit 7 and you’re done for the day.  That’s all you do that day, so it’s not like it’s a major workday.  You’re just launching yourself off right.   Help each other out, wrap it up and spend the whole night with your friends or family.


Why only one day out?  Because the chances of people remembering and keeping that appointment are 80% on Monday, 65% by Tuesday, and 50% by Wednesday.   What’s better?  (I’m starting to sound like an AT&T commercial here), 80%, 65% or 50%.   Yes, kids, it’s 85%.  And quite a lot better.   You want to set yourself up for success and so that means you launch your week right.  I’ll give you a glimpse ahead:  There is no more Thursday night booking; that just gives people an “out.”   Start strong and start right.  4:30 Sunday, book your Monday solid.


Running short on room but we always have to honor our best.

#1.  Washington.   $35,342 in ALP from agents in their first six months.   They’re starting to implement the new 20 presentation system there so I’m not surprised at all.   Nick Lorence, $28,000 in RedmondHunter Houvener led Lynnwood with $13,000.   And Andrew Aaron is getting Tacoma flying again with $13,000 of ALP in that office.

#2.  California.  $31,329.  New agents are closing 23% at $950 a sale in that state.   Dave Thorton and Josh Olin are leading the charge.  26 out of 28 coded agents wrote this week.

#3.   Utah.  $29,398 in ALP from new agents.   $1,130 ALP per sale, showing everyone what is possible.   Patrick Reiger’s $17,000 is the big story there this week.

#4.  Hawaii.  $25,875.  Activity is up 25% in this state since they’ve implement the new booking system so incomes are up 25%.   $73,000 total ALP.  Ualena led the way with week with Daven Hermosura, Pamela Fuyuya, Raymond Angeles and Blake Higuchi all pitching in.

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