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Phil’s Memo 4-5-2013

Phil_bio_pageThe secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting the first one.

~  Mark Twain

March is in the books.  Over $1.8 million in new premium hit the ledgers just last month.   AIL added another $14 million on their tally in March.  At this rate, they’re on track for about $150 million in new policies just in 2013.  And you are a big part of that.

Quality numbers are out as wellHow good is the quality of your business compared to the rest of Altig?  Now remember, this compares you to ALL agents.   Guys that just started last week, guys that are on sabbatical, if you know what I mean.  Everyone.   The average Net to Gross in March was 84.1% for Altig.     AIL as a whole was at 81%.   So if you’re below 84%, you’re below our company average; you’re taking us down.    Retention for the months is 77.4%.   That’s a whole five points higher than AIL.   Remember, AIL tabs and adjusts a lot of their bonuses and other qualifiers to company average quality.  They don’t want to give extra rewards for below average quality.   Stay above 74.4% and you’ll be in the top 50% of Altig and safe for sure.   If you’re below, talk to your manager or someone in your office that is way above that number and learn how they do it.  We’ve got Andre Abramovich and Dave Thorton and a bunch of guys that are the best in the country all around you.  No reason to lose bonuses and kill your renewals when help is all around.

I’m taking a couple minutes each week to show you ways to make Extra Money for doing the same work.  Here’s a BIG one.  And I’m talking huge.  It’s the World Record Bonus.  What is the World Record Bonus?   Glad you asked.  It’s not widely published.  In fact, I don’t know if it’s even in print at all.   But it’s an American Income Life perk.  Bounty.  Whatever you want to call it.  And here’s how it goes:  If you break the all-time record for ALP in American Income Life in a year, they will give you a BIG check for an additional 10% of the total that you write.  So Alan Sedaghat wrote $530,329 last year; he gets an extra check for $53,033.   Pretty nice, huh.   That’s thinking big.  Can you think that big?   Just as important – can you DO that big?  I’m going to help you with that second question in a minute.  AIL is like the Easter Bunny, they’ve got wads of extra money in lots of places, you just need to know where to look.  I’ll keep giving you clues.

So how do you write $530,000?   Can you even fathom it?  Alan used the most powerful tool known to mankind, and is available to every person in our company.  I call it the Law of the Increment.  And here’s how it goes:   You can do anything BIG as long as you can do each incremental part of the whole.   And this is what I mean.   If you need to accomplish a big task, break it down into its individual components and if you can do each component, you can do the whole.  Let me give you an example.

When our pastor retired, he rode his bike across the United States in 8 weeks.  From coast to coast?  The whole USA?  Yes.  It’s 3,000 miles.   There’s huge mountains.  It rains.  Tires blow.  The guy was 65 years old.  What he and his team did was break it down.  8 weeks, that’s 56 days.  That means he needs to average 56 miles a day.  Even at a casual pace, a cyclist goes about 12 miles an hour.  So he needs to bike 4 1/2 hour a day.  That’s actually not that hard to do, if you work up to it.   In fact, with about 6 months of training, you can gradually get yourself up to about 100 miles a day without pushing yourself too hard.   Because you’re using some of your body’s largest muscles and there is no impact; it just becomes a matter of conditioning and mind over matter.

So you need to ride an average of 56 miles a day.  Then it rains a day.  Take it off and relax.  The next day, you’ll have to do 100.  That’s okay; you just had a whole day off.   You have to go up a large mountain.  Maybe you only go 30 miles that day.   You can actually even walk that in a day.  Soon you will have the downhill of the mountain, and you can coast 80 or 100 miles with little effort.  Your tire blows?  After three or four reps, you can fix a bike tire in 15 minutes.  That isn’t going to hurt your overall chances of succeeding.  So when you break down every component, every facet, every obstacle of the trip, you CAN DO each one of them.  Now put them all together and…you’ve ridden your bike across the United States.

That’s what Alan Sedaghat did.  You want to write $550,000 and get a check for $55,000?   To do that, you need to see 20 people a week, close 50%, at $1,200 a sale.  That’s 10 sales at $1,200 or $12,000 a week.  If you take 6 weeks off, you pass $550,000 before Christmas.   Now Alan’s been perfecting his craft for about a dozen years and closes better than 50% at more than $1,200 a sale, but you get the picture.   Break it down to what YOU can do per increment.   And in this case, an increment is a week.

Let me break it down for you one more notch.  You struggle to hit 20 presentations a week.  The number is too big, it’s not happening.   Here’s the most powerful sentence in your business:  You only need to see 4 or 5 people a day.  The Sales Leadership Team has put together a breakthrough to bring our sales, our company’s sales and your sales up to where it could and should be.  I personally believe we are currently operating about half speed.   Not because we’re incompetent or lazy.   Because no one has help us break down the components yet.  How do you see 4 or 5 people a day?  I took copious notes.  I’ll start unveiling this next week.  If Rob, Bobby and the team make it to your office before them, know that something really special but really simple is coming.

Top States and Provinces.

#1 AGAIN.  Utah.  $38,987 of ALP from agents in their first six months.   They have an elite squad of exciting new leaders in that state.  Listen to their numbers:  34% closing and $1,000 (exactly) ALP per sale.   And that’s just their new agents.  About half of their total sales are coming off of referrals so that says something right there.   The average writing agent in Utah wrote $3,638 in ALP last week.   How’d they do that?  They had more presentations per agent than any state or province in the company.  And we’re going to help you get there too over the next quarter.   Patrick Reiger has Salt Lake City flying with $24,000 in Total ALP and Trevor Mayer’s army came in with $20,000.   Both are amazing.

#2.  Hawaii.  $30,681.  75% of their sales are coming from referrals.  I’m seeing a pattern here.  Their new agents are closing 1 out of 4 so they are training well.   They  were second in the number of appointments per agent in the company.  I see another pattern here.  Are you tracking with me?   Blake Higuchi and Jon Emura in Maui.  We always knew the talent “well” there was bottomless.  It’s really showing through now.   Pam Furuya, Kimo Collins and Catherine Minor lead Ualena, Waipahu, and Diamond Head.

#3.  Washington.  $29,937.   Their new agents sold 12 response cards, 11 referrals and 10 POS.  They have mastered each.  The name to remember:  Hunter Houverner.   Lynnwood lead all offices with $30,000 and Hunter had $15K of that.  Nick Lorence leads Redmond and Spokane is starting to make some noise.

#4.  Oregon.  $20,199.  They got their hiring back on track and the whole state took it up a notch.  Natalie Wagner turned in $17,500 out of Lake Oswego and Roger Fung topped $10,000 with people in both Portland and Salem.

Tennessee $19,000, Nevada $18,000, California $18,000, Virginia $17,000.  They are all close to the $20,000 threshold of being on  standard.  That was a call to you leaders out there if you didn’t notice.

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