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Phil’s Memo 3/12/2013

Phil_bio_pageYou have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose.  You’re on your own.  And you know what you know.  And YOU are the one who decides where to go.  ~ Dr. Suess (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!)

I spent a lot of time reading to my kids and if there’s one truth in life that I hope they totally grasp it is that one.   Ultimately, you decide what your life will look like.   Anytime they try to blame their brother or sisters for something, I don’t let them.  I give a lot of slack except when it comes to taking responsibility for your actions.  I know that if they do that, they will take their decisions seriously.  And that’ll take them a long, long ways in life.

Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela died this week.  A lot of press has gone into his passing and what that will mean on many fronts.  Chavez was a revolutionary, a charismatic leader who could get the masses to follow him.  I actually think he may have started off nobly, fighting for opportunity for the poor and against the excesses and abuses of the ruling class.   Whether he stayed on course and how effective he was, remains matter of debate.

One of the more interesting angles to the story is the attempts now to preserve his legacy.   They are currently planning to place his body in a glass tomb and display it “for eternity.”   Chavez is not the first to try to immortalize himself forever by preserving his physical remains.    Lennon, Mao and Stalin all had their remains super-embalmed, for a lack of a better term.  Must be a communist thing.  They gave up on Stalin and just buried him later.  Morticians and scientist tell us that in reality, there is no way to permanently preserve a body.  They can only prolong its decay into the future.

No, only two things will carry forward.   One is the culture and ideals that he fought for and secondly, the people that he inspired taught and developed to carry them on.  I’m going to narrow that last one down a little more:  The LEADERS that he inspired, taught and developed.   And that is true of all of us.   We sometimes take what we have for granted.   Many of our associates are younger and have not experienced a lot of different workplaces or cultures.   The legacy that we have received is highly unique.   An environment where every man and woman has the opportunity of directing their own career.  A support team that’s truly looking out and trying improve your chance at success.  Where the motto of putting others first is one of the requirements for promotion into upper management.   Is it perfect?  No, as long as it is run by people, it never will be.  But the energy, the camaraderie, the constant search for making things better and giving every person a voice to be a part of that, is a value that many companies give lip service to; but I have never seen carried out as thoroughly outside this company.

At the end of each monthly support team meeting, any new hires are brought up front and they learn the culture by participating it.  Together, they say, “We are” and the room yells back, “Altig” and repeats that three times.  That is pride in being a part of a revolutionary organization whose best years are still ahead because of that we stand for.

How to make extra money.   Last week we looked at the extra bonus for tenured agents that had good quality.   Actually, you could get extra money just being average we learned, but whatever.   The higher your retention, the more extra money you made.  Interestingly, 69% used to be good retention.  And that wasn’t even that long ago.  Expectations change as people prove what is possible.  And this next way to earn “extra money” falls under that same category.

This one is for MGA’s.    Remember, to earn any MGA bonus, you need 2 codes during the rolling five weeks and a new agent that qualifies for the 15% bonus level.     At 2 codes, you get half the bonus.   At three codes, you get the whole bonus.  Now this bonus is rich; probably the richest bonus I have ever seen in my life.   For agents at the 15% bonus level, you get 40% of the agent’s bonus for old agents (that’s almost half of their bonus) up to 120% of their bonus if it’s a new agent in their first nine months.  120%?  That’s more bonus than the agent is even making.   Yes it is.   Take their bonus X 1.2 and that’s what you get as their MGA.  So if they earn a $500 bonus, you get $600.   If they earn $1,000, you get $1,200.   That’s insane.   No wonder there are MGA’s earning $10,000, $20,000 a month in MGA bonuses.  They’ve set themselves up to take FULL advantage of it.

But here’s the EXTRA money.  If you have 3 codes, you get the full bonus.  At FOUR codes in a rolling 5-weeks, you get an EXTRA 5% bonus.   At 5 codes, you get an extra 10% bonus.  The simple math on that, using the example I just gave you:  if an agent that got $500, so you got $600, now you’ll get $660.  For the agent that makes $1,000 bonus, you make $1,200.  But with the extra 10%, you now make $1,320.

At 10 codes, you get an extra 15% and at 12+ codes, an extra 20%.   Why did American Income Life keep scaling up the bonus for the extra codes?   Because that’s what the best people started doing, so they put out a reward on it.   MGA’s kept perfecting their coding process and then sat down with AIL and said, “Give us the next level.  We think we can do even better.”   And American Income almost always says “Yes” when the field says, “We can do better.”   You can still do the minimums but when you’re ready to go up to the next level, they’re ready to compensate for that.   But it isn’t going to happen by itself, or through wishful thinking.  The managers that are taking full advantage of this extra money have set up very stringent systems and processes to effectively recruit and train.  That’s just good business.    Set yourself up and go for it!

Best territories of the week?    Here they are pushing the bar higher as well.  Five offices topped $26,000 in new agent production.  Remember, you only need $20,000 to get the honor of being included among the top states and provinces in all of Altig.

#1.   Back in the saddle:  Hawaii.  $38,930 in First-Six-Month Agent production.   35 of their new agent sales were off of referrals.  That’s just their culture there.   Tenured agents collected 791 referrals this week while new agents got 844.   They all know that we’re all in this together.   The new agents closed better than one out of four so their training is excellent.  They will only get better.

Maui is off the charts.  They had $46,098 in TOTAL ALP this week.   Must have a huge market there.  Have you been to Maui?  There are less than 150,000 people on the whole island.  All they need for great production is 2.  Yes, their two leaders, Blake Higuchi and Jonathan Emura are all they need to beat out markets that are 10 or 20 times their size.  It’s the size of leadership not, not the size of markets.

#2. Washington state.  $30,406 in new agent production.   Over 1,300 referrals collected.  These two offices are set up for long-term success.   Redmond and Lynnwood are the two giant fish here.  Redmond had 15 agents average over $3,000 apiece so they are over $45,000.    That’s Nick Lorence.   Lynnwood was a sliver under $30,000.   Hunter Houvener leads this office with $18,000 in ALP while Levi Stern’s crew wrote $10,000.  This is textbook on how an office is supposed to grow.   A passionate leader ignites a sleeping region, eventually, he brings up other leaders around him and they establish a solid, solid office.

#3. Utah.  $30,134.  They are here to stay.  Their new agents averaged over $1,200 ALP per sale.  The math on that is easy.  One sale, $1,200, two sales $2,400, three sales $3,600.  Climbs pretty quickly huh.  Another heavyweight battle.  Salt Lake City North, $21,600.  Salt Lake City, $19,500.  They averaged $3,000 per agent overall so that means everybody is making money.   Presentations per agent went up over 50% and when you have high activity, a lot of good things happen.   Trevor Mayer, Patrick Rieger and RGA Patrick Stenglein are all major players here.

#4.  Oregon. $27,243.  They are making a strong surge.   Maxwell is right.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.  That means their leaders are making it happen.  $1,135 ALP per sale helps.  As a Washington fan, I hate to say anything good about Oregon, but I’ve got to hand it to them. Portland, $20,000, Lake Oswego $16,000, Salem $10,000 and Portland East $6,000.   All 27 agents in that state were in the field, so they swamped the competition with superior numbers.

#5.  Idaho.  $26,213 in First-Six-Month agent production.   24% closing at $1,380 per sale.   The numbers on that are staggering.  Essentially, they get $1,400 ALP for every 4 presentations that they do.  See 8 people, write $2,800.   12 people and you are in $4,200 range.  $56,000 in total production, so that’s strong.   They are almost exactly 50/50 on new agent and tenured agent production.  We know from history that THAT is the ultimate ratio for exponential growth.   Idaho Falls wrote $29,000 while Boise was at $27,400.  Rick Mansfield, Michael Burningham and Tina Phongsavath are the Trifecta of Leadership in this state.  That sounds like the name of a racehorse.  With the speed they are now growing, that might be appropriate.

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