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Phil’s Memo 2-26-2013

Phil_bio_pageI’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.

Michael Jordan                                                                                                

Thirty years ago, Kenneth Blanchard wrote a milestone book.  I say milestone, because it went on to sell over $13 million copies and was translated into 37 languages.  If you haven’t read it, let me save you the $10.  It is that simple, straightforward and easy.   Here’s how you approach every business conversation with those you are leading:  First, tell them something good.   What is the person doing well, what have they recently achieved, why you appreciate them.

Second, give them what they need to work on.  Where they have fallen short or what they could improve.  Third, tell them something good again and send them on their way: Like why they are going to be successful at fixing what they need to work on, and reiterate what you like about them.   Your entire career as a business mentor can hinge on that sequence.  Some call it a Reprimand Sandwich.   Call it whatever you want, it is still one of the most effective teaching methodologies available today. Let’s start off with something positive.  Bonuses.

Bonuses are huge in this company, both in numbers and dollars.  Last month, over $2 million in bonuses were paid out.  For reference, an average of $520,000 in prizes are given out in a typical month on the Price is Right.    315 Altig associates took home hundreds of thousands of dollars.   Bonuses are not an afterthought at AIL.  They are a big part of your lucrative contract.

Top WGB Bonus earners:

  • Mark Nelson.   $13,305.   That’s on track to earn $160,000 in bonuses this year.
  • Ryan Kendl.  $6,360.
  • Dan Toshner, $4,191.
  • Over $3,000: Bruce Tan, Richard Luzaich, Joey Kennedy, Dustin Dunbar, Stever Marker.
  • $2,800 plus.   Erez Shabtay, Patrick Rieger, Theresa Bellajaro.

Here’s the quick and dirty math.  If the bonus is 15%, and you want to get $2,500 a month, you need to write about $3,850 net ALP a week.   $3,850 X 4.33 weeks X.15 = $2,502Ever dreamed of getting a big $30,000 bonuses sometime in your life?  Your magic number is $3,850 in ALP per week.  A new car.   Down payment on a house.  Yes, $3,850 is booking it.   You need to write about 4 deals a week, or sit in front of four people a day if you are an average closer, but hoofing it for a year to significantly change your life is something you’ll never regret.

Leadership Bonuses.

  • Nicholas Lorence, $4,500
  • Natalie Wagner $4,000
  • Hunter Houvener, $3,500

James Raymond picked up a $1,000 recruiting bonuses.  A list made $500 to $1000.  Quarter of a million in training bonuses were handed out.  Brandon Summerton led Altig at $1,456. We’re going back and picking Michael Jordan’s brain on how to be a winner.   Some have said his success is genetic.   He bristles at that suggestion.   There are 100’s of guys more blessed, more gifted, and more talented than he, but he will tell you that he merely outworked them.   Nothing came easy.  We pick up on his principle #3. #3.

Loyalty and responsibility are paramount.   As he puts it:  The game is my wife.  It demands loyalty and responsibility, and it give me back fulfillment and peace.  And within the word loyalty and responsibility is the concept of consistency.   Success does not come in short-term bursts or half-focused efforts.  Michael compared it to marriage.  When you get married, you make vows, you keep your promise, and you go all in.  If you don’t, I can almost assure you that your marriage will fail.  Hollywood proves that about every week.  Now you need to balance your life, but to succeed at something, there has to be a complete and total commitment.  While that might sound like a high price, the price of not committing is far higher.

#4.  Have lofty expectations.  You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.  Have you ever met a person who stumbled into success?  I know, you hear the stories of “luck” once in a while but every time I’ve investigated them, there’s usually more going on.  99% or more of all successful endeavors have started out with the bar very high.  Are you accepting less than what you expect?   Change that paradigm and you will change your results.

#5.  Have passion.   Anytime I am around great leaders, they give off a vibe.   Jordan says, “Even when I’m old and gray, I won’t be able to play, but I’ll still love the game.”  I love it when Don Wold comes into the office and turns in apps for the week.  I’m not sure how long Don has been at AIL but I remember us giving him some fishing tackle on his 30 anniversary.  And that was about 10 years ago.  But I’d still put him up against any 21 year old out there.  He embodies passion in everything he does.  You won’t be successful doing something that you are not passionate about.

#6.  Try and keeping trying.    From Michael: I can accept failure, everyone fails.  But I can’t accept not trying.   Here, he is conveying the concept that you don’t always know what you’ll be good at unless you give it a very good shot.   We can conceptualize something in our heads, and even draw it out and write it down, but unless you give a strong effort, you will never know what works and what doesn’t.  That’s why I hate it when I see a new agent get 2 or 3 months into their training and throw it away.  They won’t know how good they could be until at least a year.  Maybe two.  Many have tried to be Michael but quit or gave up before they really knew their ceiling.

#7.  Work.   Jordan points out, “I’m not out there sweating for three hours a day just to find out what it feels like to sweat.”  Here’s what most people miss.  To succeed, it means you will accomplish more than other people.  And yet, and yet…people will often peg their work effort to someone who is not successful.  I see it all the time.  They watch what other beginning agents are doing and match that.  OR they’ll model their hours after their RGA who has been at it for 10 or 15 years and has solid renewals coming in and can accomplish more in a day than most newbies in a weekend.  Doing that will fail every time.  You need to calculate what YOU have to do to be successful, for you, at your development level and experience.   Your manager can probably write $4,000 on 9 appointments.  You probably can’t yet.  You might need 16.  You need to work hard enough for YOU to succeed.  We’ll wrap it next week.

#1 Nevada starts expanding their lead.  $31,357 of ALP from agents in their first six months.   They’re closing 47% of their referrals and 38% of their POS.  And they have the fastest growing agent count in the company.  Pretty simple. Asbell Darrell in the Las Vegas office is taking it to the next level right now.  He’s got almost $20,000 in Total ALP for the week.

#2.  Utah.  Again.  $26,200 in new agent production.  They’ve got 18 new agents so it’s just a numbers game.   They’re closing really strong: 36% across the board.  The bulk of their presentations are on referrals and POS.  In fact, only 17% of sales came from hard cards.  That’s significant.  Salt Lake City averaged $3,400 in ALP per agent.  I like their numbers across the board.

#3.  Alberta.  $23,827 from new agents.   They ended the year recruiting strong and it is paying off in 2013.   You have to remember, there is a time delay between investing in recruiting and seeing the rewards.   Between John McGrath and Melinda Rae Lyse, they pitched in over $42,000 in ALP.

#4.   Washington.  $21,014.  They are leaning heavy on response cards right now which is slowing their growth.  But with over 1,000 referrals coming in this week, we’ll begin to see that shift and they will take off again.   All five offices are contributing.  Honestly, I like all our overall numbers as a company.   Better than one out of four closing.  $900 ALP per sale.  Everyone’s making a great return on the presentations they’re making.  Our focus right now has to be increasing agent count and our existing sales force seeing a lot of people.  We will have a whole company of Michael Jordan’s when we do.

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