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Phil’s Memo 2/14/2013

Phil_bio_page“Live for yourself and you will live in vain.  Live for others and you will live again.”

Bob Marley

In a time, a long while ago. Before there were I-pads or laptops; or even fax machines. When fat TV’s were cool and you covered the nice ones with wood; you’d have to get out of your car to make a phone call.  And it’d cost you a dime.

A man named Bernard Rappaport started an insurance company. Now there were other insurance companies around but he worked hard to make this one different. Dedicated to the union worker, the artisan, the craftsman, the laborer, the common man that was anything but common. Run and carried along by everyday people, union brothers themselves. And so he put in the first of many 90 hour weeks.

But as he began to build, he realized that he would need more. More than just underwriters, just directors, just agents. He would need someone with the skill and the desire to bring it all together. From  lead to issue, from company to client. Close enough to the ground to know real people but unbridled enough to have a vision of his own. Humble enough to follow but proud enough to want to do it better.

He needed a….Managing General Agent…an MGA.

But MGA’s are made, not created; uncovered as much as discovered; sifted up, lifted up, and pushed up. Taught up, brought up, and probably got up, before they were ready to. To places they didn’t even know even existed 12 months ago. But before you know it, they are a businessman. A marketer, an accountant, a strategist. Not just learning one trade, but in the process, picking up all of them.

He is a trainer a who starts with GED’s, and ADD’s, and PhD’s and molds every one of them into something valuable to take to the market place.  With skills and abilities that are deep within them and need some careful prodding to come to life.  A 22 year old with a shiny new degree that is flying so high his feet haven’t touched the ground in several months and his brother, so beaten by life that his chin weighs 20 pounds.   Bringing each to a place of reality.   Life is hard but life is good; it is hard and good.  And that’s the way it should be, because that is what life is.

And the MGA forms them all into doer and leaders, the dysfunctional and non-functional. Into functional, and onto thriving. The farm boy, the immigrant, the player.  The disenfranchised into the empowered. Giving just enough rope to grow another inch but not enough to hurt themselves.  With all of about 12 months to get it done.  A hurried gestation by anyone’s measure.

He is a salesman, teacher, dispatcher, coach. Compliance, enforcement, quality control. Auditor, CPA, and financial analyst. Marriage counselor, motivational speaker, clinical psychologist. Hires, fires, promotes, demotes.  Sometimes demoting by promoting and promoting by demoting.

Who grins and winces at the same time… as their car odometer rolls into the six-figures just before they do. And sees their trainee much more than their wife, knowing first-hand that technology will never ever replace a human being; and people make better investments than most stocks available. All the while embracing apps and laptops, data-pivots and cloud-computing.  Proving that life is indeed a paradox.

The MGA hones his skills on each other; on big stages and small ones. Front desks and backrooms, on media and in person, whether holding a smart phone or a Jack & Coke, the free exchange of information and ideas. Forming friendships that will last, through good times and hard. Remember that it is both that strengthen our bonds.

And then that MGA, can test everything that he or she has taught, in the ultimate final exam, a single piece of paper. Called an MGA contract….that his trainee will sign.   To pass on all they have learned, not just about Annual Life Premium, but Life.

And that is how to this day.  MGA’s are made.

We have a NEW #1. In fact, Washington State has dropped to #3. Who has taken over the spot of Lead Dog?

#1 Nevada.  $25,114. They are killing on referrals. 60% closing ratio. That’s 6 out of 10.   In fact, it was 12 out of 20.  And if they would have seen 30, how many sales would they have had?  Yes, thanks to the math whizzes out there.   The answer is 18.   If you’re selling 60% of your presentations, I have one word for you:  Present!   Their tenured agents sold 27%.  Their new ones, 26%.   You know what that means.  Yes, the new guys are getting trained so well they are almost up to the level of a tenured agent already.   They have 28 coded agents in that office and 27 writing agents.  You know what that means?   Three agents are working with the flu.  Just kidding.  That means that everyone is excited and on board to make them #1.  Let’s call out some winners.  Darrell Asbell.  His MGA wrote $14,730.  They’re taking on David Iriye, Dave Thorton and Joe ShanksLas Vegas wrote $16,800 and Las Vegas Central $16,700.  That’s a great rivalry there.

#2.  The other fast riser on the charts. Utah. $23,833. Their strongest suit is the size of their sales. $1,039 per sale. They actually sold a few sales less than Nevada, but since they’re showing clients tremendous value at the upper end, they are a close second. Another office with an intense rivalry Salt Lake City wrote $13,500 and Salt Lake City North, $13,100. Both offices were averaging $2,200+ per agents so they’re both winners. Patrick Stenglein edged out Trevor Mayer.

#3. You knew Washington wouldn’t get beat by much.  $21,784. They’re also about $1,000 a sale.  They also collected 1,163 referrals for the week.     If they sell just 10% of those, that’s $116,300 in ALP for the week.  You really wouldn’t have to do much else. They wrote $108,000 as a state.  Hunter Houvener led everyone with $38,049 out of Lynnwood. High activity and scoring $2,700 overall per agent were the highlights there.

#4.  Hawaii.  $19,765. They led the company in referrals collected. 1,360. You wonder how these offices regularly push $100,000 in Total ALP?  There’s the simple answer. The referral is the strongest lead out there and they’ve got a lot of them. Maui continues to lead with $23,749. Honolulu and Waipahu were close on their tail with $14,000. Diamond Head, Ualena and Hilo all had decent turn ins.  It was a team effort.

Honorable Mention.  $19,000 out of their agents in their first 6 months. Alberta.

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