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Phil’s Memo 1/9/13

Phil_bio_pageWe will open the book. Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Years.     –Edith Lovejoy Pierce                                                                     

Welcome to 2013. What will it hold? Where will you go? What will you accomplish? How far toward your life goals will you get? A few things to consider:

Keep everything in proper perspective. Extensive research has shown that humans can accomplish much less in a year than they believe is possible and much more in a decade than they think. Think long term. Have you ever met anyone that has experienced long-term success and growth by thinking short-term? Hopping from trend to trend, chasing whatever looks shiniest this morning…only to find out that the one common factor through it all remains the same – and that is you.

Have high activity. If you didn’t see 18 or 20 people this week, your check has a decent chance of being less than spectacular. It’s like the basketball player that took 10 shots during a game and scored 10 points. That’s about what’s usually going to happen. In an average college or NBA game, players make about 45% of their shots. With a couple free throws in there and a three pointer or two, they’ll make between 9 and 11 points. If you take 20 shots, you’ll score about 20 points. Now are there exceptions to this? Of course.You could have a cold-shooting night where there’s like a lid over the basket. I’ve seen one guy go nuts and make 9 out of 10 shots and score 20 points on only 10 shots.  They both happen.  But those are outliers.  That’s the exception.  Most of the time, you’ll have about as many points as shots you take.  Look up an NBA box score this afternoon.

And the same is true in your business. If you do 20 presentations, you’ll have a good game. If you do 10..meh. What kind of results do want this week?

Take personal responsibility for your own results.  I’ve done many jobs in my life.  From fast food and packing boxes at the end of an assembly line, to doing tax returns and audits.  And here’s what was true on every one of them:  I was limited by the number of people that walked in the door. I could only do so much. If 2 people walked into our office needing their tax return done, I could do 2 take returns.If six people wanted a roast beef sandwich, I could only sell and make 6 roast beef sandwiches. I truly was limited by the number of people that decided to come in.

But you can do as many presentations as you want. There is no limiting factor.  And here’s what’s even more incredible. Last week we set the All-Time record for closing ratio across the company. We were 12% better than where we started 2012 and still climbing.  That tells me that more people than ever are realizing the criticalness of protecting their family’s future. That means, fewer people have adequate coverage, our competition is dwindling, that means our market is growing and we are having an easier time than ever placing policies.  It didn’t say it was easy.   Nothing worthwhile is easy. If this was easy, we’d hire a bunch of non-skilled workers at $9 an hour.   But it is easier than it has ever been and we’ve had a long history of success.

Here’s what’s even more amazing. Two weeks ago we set the All-Time record for ALP per Sale:  $946 per sale.  Now we’re always shooting higher and we’ll always have some clients that are limited by finances…but we need to celebrate the victories along the way. What does it mean when people buy more product per person than ever before in history?  That means they VALUE and understand the importance of what we offer for their lives. I mentioned affordability a minute ago, but in reality, it is more a matter of PRIORITY than affordability. Couple weeks ago we were in the home of a single mom. Her husband had recently left and you know it had taken a toll on her.  But even still, there were two smart phones in sight. And she knew the devastation of losing a bread-winner and the importance of her daughters future, so she said, “I need that for my daughter.”  It was a matter of priority, more than finances.  And people are buying more protection than ever before.

The last remaining factor, number of presentations per agent is the last remaining frontier. We’ve got closing ratio up and climbing.  ALP per sale is way up and getting stronger. How do we get in front of as many potential clients as possible.  That was one of the main foci of Altig Business Conference, or ABC. I’ll spend the next few weeks giving you some of the golden nuggets that the best of the best gave us last week.

First, let’s set up 2013. We have a few recognitions.

A new Senior Vice President of Altig. Dustin Venekamp. Dustin is one of American Income Life’s award-winning SGA’s. Most agents and agencies have access to an SGA. All Altig leaders and agents have access to four, now including one of our most notable and frequent recognized by American Income Life. He’s a former football player and one of the most competitive guys you’ll ever meet.  And now he’s available for your team.  Make sure you use this incredible resource.

Executive Vice President:  James Hill.  James has worked in every area of the company, starting as an agent, and every department, from accounting, finance, customer service, agency support.  I can’t think of anywhere he hasn’t mastered and excelled.   He graduated with his MBA from Washington State University faster than any previous scholar and we recognized his incredible abilities early on, and he was sent into every dimmed corner of the company to get it running.  He has a global perspective of the company and what needs to happen.

Rachel Claflin was promoted to Vice President of Recruiting.  Recruiting is the single most important factor in your agency’s growth, and no one knows more about recruiting than Rachel.  Between her endless energy and deep insight, we have one of the best resources for making your business successful that you will find anywhere. When she’s working with your business, you know results will follow.

Finally, Brett McCannell is your new Vice President of Agency Development.  Another guy that’s been with the company for 10 years, Brett started off under the tutelage of the legendary Alan Martyn. He’s been a successful agent, MGA and RGA, running large organizations in both the US and Canada.We would often send Brett into areas that needed structure and growth, and he always produced. Now he’s not just doing it for himself but for everyone. Whatever part of our business needs to go to the next level, Brett is the commando we send in to take it to the next level.

Final quick note that we’ll be adding for 2013. Often, I get questions or communications from AIL that are too large or technical to put in The Good News Memo.  A quick-hit video is a better forum where I can add some graphics and walk you through.  Changes on the bonuses for 2013. How to read an AP&P.   Why is my PVFC doing ____.   I got a lot of ideas from those that went to ABC but if you can think of something that I can knock out in 5-7 minutes to make you a better business man or woman, shoot the ideas to me and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

One thing we won’t be changing in 2013 is recognizing the largest AND fastest growing territories in the company.  Notice I said Largest and Fast-Growing? If you’re the largest but not growing, you’re on a downhill trend.  And if you went from 2 to 4 agents you doubled in size but are probably a ways from where you want to be. We measure LARGEST and FASTEST GROWING by spotlighting territories with a minimum of $20,000 in production from agents in their FIRST SIX MONTHS.

#1.   Nevada.  $20,963. This has several heavy hitters in it but leading the growth is Joe Shanks with $11,719 in new agent production. I worked with Joe about 17 years ago when he led the Redmond Office. He went and ran other territories for other national insurance companies but came to Rick and Ilija this summer and said that this is where his heart if still at.  He obviously hasn’t lost any talent or passion. New agents close 38% and they are 35% overall so you know they are training at a high level there.

#2.  Virginia.  $20,551.  Ryan Tucker is rocking Richmond with $12,600 coming from his newly minted team.  Manassas tosses in $8,000.

Hats off to Oregon with a stirring comeback. They had $19,000 in new agent production.

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