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Phil’s Memo 11/20/12

Champions keep playing until they get it right.  -Billie Jean King

October Bonuses. The other day, I was flipping through the channels and came across the game show “The Price is Right.” Now the last time I watched this show, an old guy named Bob Barker was out there making sure we all spayed and neutered our pets. Tells you how much daytime television I watch. But here were these clowns, dressed in bizarre costumes, jumping up and down, hugging anyone that would allow them. All over a…refrigerator.  A nice refrigerator. I think it went for $1,600.  $1,600?  We gave out $16,000 in bonuses. To one person last month. Mark Neilson got $16,474 in bonuses in October.  And that wasn’t even Altig’s biggest bonus earner.  I say “earn” because unlike the “Price is Right”, where you have to wait until your name is randomly called, YOU decide whether you win a prize and how big it is.

Alan Sedaghat got $12,913 in WGB bonus this month.  Think about what you could do with an extra $13,000 this month.  Katie Massart had a great month and got $5,630.   Dan Toshner and Ryan Kendl took home $4,600 and $4,200 respectively.   Erez Shabtay, Bruce Tan and George Lahamedjian came in the $3,600 to $3,800 range.  Lots of $2,000 and $3,000 checks.  For the month.  Stake your claim to a great WGB this month.

Our biggest bonus earner was in the Leadership Bonus category.  And well it should.  When you lead, you cast a wider net.  Nick Lorence got $19,579 in bonus.  Bob Gujral $13,482.  RGA Josh Olin took home $12,010 and John McGrath $11,830.   Do that every month and you’ll have six figures just in bonus money.   This is the land of opportunity, and you won’t find a better one than right where you are.  Take advantage of it today.

We’ve been studying how to be more confident.   Confidence will often be the difference between you getting the sale, the great new prospect, the personal recruit, that HUGE week.  Or not.  It will even help you in your personal life:  Whether or not you get the girl (or guy), the dance, the position or chair.  It impacts  how great your influence will be in the world you live in.   Now remember, confidence is not the mechanism that ultimately gives you results.   Confidence cannot take the place of doing a presentation, talking to a potential agent, or giving your undivided attention to the person you are training.   You still have to do your thing.   You can’t just walk in all confident and sit around, barking orders, or get anything accomplished through osmosis.    But confidence will often determine how successful you are at it.

Here in Texas, everybody has a gun.   Big ones, little ones, loud ones, quiet ones.   The sizes are called “calibers.”   The bigger the caliber, the more powerful the gun.    If you shoot something with a .44 magnum it is much more powerful than shooting it with a .22 caliber.  A .22 can maybe kill a rabbit.   A .44 usually can take down a grizzly bear.  Caliber is like your confidence: You still have to load, aim and shoot.  But the bigger caliber can get a whole lot more done; so we’re working with you to increase your confidence.

So far we’ve looked at preparation, repetition, controlling your environment (people and places).   Also, mentally managing your confidence and how to do that.  Being honest.   We’ve considered working out, buying new clothes and carrying yourself like a winner.   All great tools.  Question came up:  Can you over-practice?   And that hurt your confidence; maybe being too scripted, not free-flowing enough?  I’ve seen a handful of people in my life that were more confident doing things on-the-fly, as opposed to being well-practiced.   That probably isn’t you.     98% of people are best when they’ve practice so much that it is mastered and their best performances look unpracticed because they’ve practiced SO MUCH.  You might have to read that last sentence again.

How much do you practice?  I recently read an interesting statistic in the Wall Street Journal.  They were measuring how long a football game actually lasted, in terms of real playing time:   From the time the ball is hiked, until the time the play is blown dead by the whistle.   Now there’s four 15 minute quarters in a game, so that’s 60 minutes of actual “game” time.  Even though it takes about 3 hours, counting halftime, timeouts, video review and times when the clock is stopped between plays.  Take a guess how much time they actually “play.”  …..  If you said 11 minutes, you were very close.  Over the two years that they tracked it, the average NFL game had 10 minutes, 43 seconds of playing time, taking into consideration the time that the teams were actually athletically competing.

10 minutes and 43 seconds?  Yes.  All the rest of the time is spent walking to the huddle, standing in the huddle, going to their positions, coming back from the play, standing around for an injured player, timeouts, TV timeout, in the locker room, you name it.  I’ve been stuck at railroad crossings that are longer than that.   And here’s something even crazier to think about: 99% of the players only play one side of the ball: Offense or Defense.   So they are out there 5 minutes and 22 seconds actively engaged

So how long do they prepare and practice every week?   30 hours?  40 hours?   50 hours?    For five minutes?   40 hours is 2,400 minutes.  2,400 minutes of practice and preparation to get ready for 5 minutes of playing time?  They spend about 500 minutes in practice each week for 1 minute of playing time.   And I’m not even counting training camp and pre-season, or guys on the bench.   Do you spend 500 minutes for every minute engaged with your clients or potential clients?   Perfecting your trade, improving your skills, increasing your knowledge.   Probably not.

So can you over-prepare?   Come talk to me when you spend 500 minutes for every minute you spend being money.   No, I think a far greater problem and one of the greatest confidence deflaters in our company is walking into a presentation or sales meeting under-prepared.   Practice it so diligently you can’t be stopped.   Up your repetitions by seeing 20 people a week.   THEN you will have not only the opportunities but the confidence to walk out of the week with 5, 6, even 8 sales.

Fantastic Week!    Four territories at $20,000+ in ALP from new agents and another 5 within striking distance.   California and Hawaii actually edged out Washington in total production, but we aren’t measuring total production.   We’re measuring current growth, not past growth.

And #1.  Again.  Washington State.  $37,991.  They sell every kind of lead. Referrals are gaining steam.  632 picked up this week.  That’s not the best in the company.  Hawaii actually doubled them with over 1,200, but the culture is shifting in the right direction.  $76,000 in total production, closing one out of four altogether.   Redmond turned in $35,000 and Lynnwood, $20,000, so they are letting momentum carry them.  Renton, Tacoma and Spokane all had strong areas as well.  Renton with 40% closing, Tacoma at $941 ALP per Sale, and Spokane had all their agents write business.

#2.  Nevada had a solid week.  $29,535 from agents in their first six months.  That’s 50% higher than we set the bar.   Their training is GREATHow can I tell that 1,000 miles away?  Because their new agents are closing higher (29% versus 25%) and they are selling bigger deals than the old ones.  Nevada has 26 coded agents and 25 of them wrote.   Some offices have 20% of their workforce out of the field.  My kid played a soccer game a couple weeks ago 9 players against 11, and guess who lost.  Everyone person out hurts you.  Do things happen?  Yes.   For 7 days in a row?   Usually not.

#3.  Manitoba.  $26,142.   Their new agents closed 27%, so better than one out of four there as well.   $52,000 overall ALP, so an exact 50% ratio of new agents to tenured ones.  Both Altig and AIL consider that ideal.    The South Winnipeg office is on fire, $43,000 in production.  That’s second best in the company.   Kevin Appasamy $23,000 and Chris Hintz $20,000, do a dynamic duo there.

#4.   Tennessee. $19,962 in new agent ALP.  They have five strong offices in that state, led by Nashville East at $24,000.    Ashlynn Orng has the hottest MGA-ship in the company right now.

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