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Personal Recruiting: It’s Everyone, It’s Everywhere, It’s 24/7!

You already know what’s in it for you when you Personally Recruit – people of your choice in your organization plus up to $5,000 for three successful personal recruits! But, also think about what you are doing for that person who you shared the opportunity with. Maybe they are always your server at your favorite restaurant, maybe they are a person you worked with at a previous job who always put forth more effort than they were compensated for.

SWAT meetings are reserved for top managers in the organization. At a SWAT meeting a few years ago, Ilija asked everyone to stand up who was a personal recruit. Well over half of the attendees were standing. Personal Recruits are the people who stay longer with the company and earn more money.

I have been talking to managers this week about the benefits of Personal Recruiting.

Nick Lorence said, “Think about that person that comes up and now has a new opportunity to make a life, career, and provide for their own family while protecting other families. Think about it, maybe the next person you bring in could be the next Mark Neilson, Ryan Kendl, Bobby Gujral, or Josh Olin…I always try and find people who are better than me. So when you’re looking for Personal Recruits it’s everyone, its everywhere, it’s all the time!”

Patrick Rieger combines his personally recruiting with his presentations in the home. “If you are seeing 20 people a week that’s a minimum of 20 people a week that you are coming into contact with that you can also personal recruit. Why not recruit the person you just enrolled or presented to? Or how many times do you hear, ‘No, we can’t afford this. Things are tight financially.’ Why wouldn’t you give them the opportunity to do what it is that we do and they can come on board and make a lot of money.”

Keep a look out for my Personal Recruit of the Day. There you will find how top leaders at Altig have personally found the best and brightest in their organization. How did you find your best personal recruits? Send me an email at to share how you found them!

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