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The Recruiting Revolution is Back and This Time It’s Personal!

You are now 2 weeks into the Personal Recruit Production Bonus. From newly coded associates to seasoned managers, I want to make sure that everyone is taking full advantage of this opportunity to be earning big bonuses and to bring people of your choice into the organization!

Set weekly personal and organizational goals to EXCEED from now until the end of the year. Make a point to have your radar out where ever you go. Did you get great service when you were out to lunch? Did you just graduate with an upbeat, hardworking colleague? Invite them to your office for a visit. Give them the opportunity to talk to top leaders in your organization. When you share this opportunity with other driven people like yourself, you are rewarded!

Talk to your manager this week. Find out what your office’s current record is for hiring and I want you to SHATTER it! During November 5th – 9th make it your goal to break the all-time Altig hiring record! When I see hiring records breaking all across Altig during the Personal Recruit Production Bonus, I see two things: 1. More personal recruits are experiencing the AIL opportunity 2. You are earning serious bonuses!

This is an opportunity that every licensed person in Altig should be taking advantage of.

Finish Oktoberfest strong and make sure that everyone in your office has met or exceeded their October goals. Then make November a month to remember when you break your office hiring record November 5th – 9th!

Start November with a Recruiting Revolution!

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