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Top 3 Producers of the Week!

These Top 3 producers were all about dedication to activity and setting their goals high! Check out in detail how they made it happen:

3. Dustin Klingebiel- Portland, OR – $16,288 ALP

Dustin lends his success to staying on top of booking and keeping his activity high!



2. Alan Sedghat – Surrey, BC – $26,624 ALP

Once again, on the Top 3 Producers AND his Best Week Ever 2 weeks in a row! Alan had 29 presentations! What can’t he do?!



1. Dan Toshner – Huntington Beach, CA – $27,826 ALP

Dan was in Norfolk, VA this week and stayed focused most on keeping his activity high. It shows! He had 30 presentations!




Let the success of these Top 3 Producers be your motivation to book as many appointments as possible! Make this your best week!

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