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Phil’s Memo 7/22/2012

I wasn’t satisfied just to earn a good living.  I was looking to make a statement.                                                                                                                 –Donald Trump                                    

Quick. What’s the most expensive seats to the 2012 Olympic Games?  Gymnastics? Everyone loves the world competition that really only comes around once every four years. Basketball? See the US team made up of All-Stars from the NBA: Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant all on the same team!   That’s exciting, but wrong answer. Swimming? World records should fall and there’s only a few thousand seats available. You’d be wrong again.

The most expensive ticket (and this is face value, not street price) is…The Opening Ceremonies. It’s not even an athletic event. No competition will take place. No one will warm up, beat anybody or take the medal stand. No, it’s just a bunch of people dressed in their warm-up outfits walking into a stadium and waving to the crowd. I over-simplified that somewhat; but I make my point. While the games and competition and records and the real events happen after July 27, the opening ceremonies are the most sought after, most expensive ticket in the house. Starting prices are over $3,000 for the nose-bleed seats.  Gymnastics and swimming are $1,100 and $700US for comparison.

So why does everybody want to be at the opening ceremonies?  And what does it mean to us? Everyone wants to be there because that’s where everybody is.  Did I just make a circular statement? Kinda. People always want to be where it’s all happening. They will make the ceremony come to life with entertainment, music, recognition and pageantry. And everybody will be there. The place will be buzzing. What’s going to happen next? Who will we see next?  And that’s all the hubbub.

So what’s your weekly meeting like?  Remember, that’s not where all the action is. Not a sale gets made in the office. Not a $ of ALP written. But it should be an exciting place to come. Now you don’t have a $40 million budget, 10,000 staff and participants and you have to put one on every week. But we can still learn a lot from this lesson of the Opening ceremonies. Make it special. Have some good music playing. Make sure the room is set up well and the décor meaningful and intentional. Recognize the stars. Have some traditions.

And here’s a secret. If you have 15 people, 30 people, 40 people at your meeting, you’ve probably got some very gifted, intelligent, talented and funny people out there. Teachers, entertainers, speakers, comics, everything you need to have a good time. Leverage the occasion. You need to control it, while letting it have a life of its own. Direct it while not interfering with its organic nature. Have traditions and constants while NEVER becoming completely predictable.   Those sound like contradictions; they are actually balances.

Here’s what I’ve found out. You don’t need to be the most talented person in the room but you have to be able to bring out the gifts you have available. You’ve got all kinds of resources; video and projector; props from AIL and Altig are available. Take your cue from the culture around you: Talk radio and late night television. You don’t all have to sit classroom style like zombies listening to one guy. Eric does a great job of this at the Redmond staff meetings. The place is live, getting to know people, learning what’s going on, recognizing achievement all in a fun atmosphere.

WGB bonuses. $1.24 million total. This volume-driven, while maintaining the minimum quality standards. Ryan Kendl tops Altig.  $6,024.  That’s as much as some agent’s total production. Yes.  So. Why not? The guy is good. Alan Sedaghat. $3,697.  Mr. $500,000.  That’s actually not one of his bigger bonueses. Katie Massert.  $3,352. She was a college student when she started with Altig to get some experience and make some money. How many college students do you know getting $3,300 monthly bonuses? Eugene Kashkin. $2,877. He’s a newer guy. I remember working for a company once where I got pea-sized year-end bonus since I had recently started. At American Income Life, they don’t even look at how long you’ve been here. Timothy Cruise. He’s been here many years and he does this for fun and he still gets a bonus. AIL just pulls up what you did last month and the computer does the rest. He got $2,871.

The Leadership Bonus. Another $1.2 million paid out here. So a quarter of a million dollars in bonuses just from these two places. These can be HUGE.   Like $36,000 HUGE. Shout out to my old friend Zach Hart on that one. Nick Lorence leads Altig with $8,474. And he’s just getting it started. #2. Bobby Gujral. $6,206. That’s a month. So X12 is $75,000 a year. And that’s just the bonus part. #3. John McGrath. He’s back and as good as ever. $5,724. That buys you experiences, lifestyle, security, generosity. Different things for different people. What would you do with an extra check for $5,000? Hunter Houvener. $5,153. Seeing is believing. This is just the beginning for Hunter as well. Troy Plummer, $4,503. There’s not much Troy doesn’t do well;  one of Altig’s best. Ryan Bisanz, $4,345. It just came out this week that Canadians have passed Americans in wealth. Ryan’s just more proof of that. Ashlynn Orng. EVERYBODY at Altig LOVES Ashlynn. $3,829 is just the bonus. Josh Olin.  Another young manager that has an incredibly bright future. $3,761.  Luay Ghawi $3,683 Whole bunch of guys around $3,500.  Ryan Stenglien, John Sparby, Ryan Tucker, Mark Neilson.

Jon Maust gets a $2,180 Leadership Bonus and a $1,000 Personal Recruiting Bonus. Darrell Asbell, Levi Stearns and Randy O’Campo all got $2,000 in Direct Training Bonuses for the month.

Bonus tip of the month. On the RGA Leadership Bonus, you get paid a % of your MGA’s bonus (that’s why we call it a Bonus Bonus – it bonuses on the bonus). So what do you need to increase your bonus? I see some RGA’s generally increasing their MGA’s production, and yes, you get an override on that.  But the Bonus is DIRECTLY tied to your MGA’s Bonus. So pump up your MGA’s bonus. Make sure they hit their full bonus amount. They need to code two every five weeks and get someone up to the 15% bonus mark in 8 weeks. If you have 3 MGA’s and you double THEIR bonus by helping them get that second code, then YOU double your bonus. I see some people just miss that. It makes me think they aren’t paying attention; leaving $500 or $1000 on the table is careless. If you left a wallet or purse with $1,000 in it at a restaurant or at a theme park and somebody took it, you’d call security and probably the police involved. This is no different. It’s basic loss prevention. Maybe you need a loss prevention specialist in your agency. They’d definitely earn their keep.

Quick rundown of top personal performances for last week and how they did it.

#1.  Daniel Toshner. $27,826. 44 appointments, 30 presentations and 26 sales at $1,070. There you have it; the bar has been set for you. He was just in the zone.

#2.  Mark Neilson.  $14,665 on 10 sales. I asked one guy who worked with him, how he did it. Mark just has amazing focus. Nothing knocks him off track.   Glad to hear that because everyone can focus.

#3.  Rachel Balwin. 11 sales for $10,011. Unless you are superman, you won’t get 10 sales on 15 or 20 appointments. Like they say before showing any crazy stunt.  Don’t try this at home.

#4.   Steve Stensrud. 33 appointments, 17 presentations, and 7 sales for $10,423. All of these guys have one characteristic in common: Passion. You never see a laid-back, half-engaged guy in any Top 10 anywhere.

#5.  Ryan Kendl. He IS superman. 8 out of 8 presentations. This mindset of 1 out of 3 or 4 sometimes holds us back. He knocked out $9,509.

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