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Inside Look into the Top Producers

This week’s top producers were all about staying busy and working their referrals! Here is how they made it on Top Producers:

 #3 Dan Toshner- $8,000 ALP Huntington Beach, CA

-How did Dan do it this week? He kept his focus on activity and was on a 4 day road trip!



#2 Ryan Kendl- $9,259 ALP Santa Rosa, CA

-Nearly 90% of all of Ryan’s sales come from referrals AND he had a 100% closing ratio this week!



#1 Tiare Hubbard $11,584 ALP Maui, HI

–  Tiare said she was able to pick up a great deal of referrals by booking from the home. That is probably why 88% of her sales come from referrals! She made it to the top spot this week!


Want to be recognized here next week? Help as many families as you can and keep your activity high!

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