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Your Home Run Derby Contest!

In today’s episode of AltigTV you heard all the details about the Home Run Derby Contest! There are HUGE prizes for each level of ALP that you write AND the prizes ACCUMULATE -so write as MUCH as possible because this contest is all about Personal ALP! The contest runs April 9-22 so get your road trips planned, lead packs in order and say good bye to the family for this two week contest! Check out all the details by watching the announcement below!


Single: $7,000 ALP

(Net Over 2 Weeks)

AO Home Run Derby Baseball Trophy



Double: $10,000 ALP

(Net Over 2 Weeks)

Official AO Baseball Cap



Triple: $15,000 ALP

(Net Over 2 Weeks)

AO Leather Portoflio


Home Run: $20,000 ALP

(Net ALP Over 2 Weeks)

AO Leather Laptop Bag


Overall ALP Champion

(Net ALP Over 2 Weeks)

The top overall Net ALP earner will receive an exclusive custom-made Louisville Slugger bat trophy!

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