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Always Follow Up!

Here’s a great idea  from one of this week’s Top Producers that you may not have thought of trying!

Sherry Schick – Calgary, AB – $6,604 ALP

How did I make Top Producers this week? I follow up on leads who “want to think about it” or  circumstances prevail where they “cannot afford it at this time” due to a recent lay-off, loss of income from a spouse, day care subsidies revoked, etc.  These are all time sensitive circumstances as usually they will resolve themselves in a few months allowing affordability. I hold on to these leads until such time has passed that these circumstances stand corrected and the lead is willing to revisit the insurance prospect as they did like what they saw when originally presented.

Also, if the lead says they will get back to me in a couple of weeks, as they wish to shop around to compare and do not under any circumstances make a decision on the spot,  and have not yet done so, I call the lead after a couple of weeks have passed, usually getting an answering machine.  I then leave a message indicating that since our last visit I have not heard back from them as they indicated they would call one way or the other, and that I have booked an appointment for them on a certain day at a certain time indicating that this day and time has been reserved for them.  I then advise  in that message that if I do not hear back from them to reschedule the appointment, I will be there at that time to enroll them.

The lead is usually home or on a rare occasion will call back to reschedule if that day and time does not work.  They usually have not even shopped to compare as they have indicated and are somewhat grateful for the follow-up contact call.

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