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Behind This Week’s Top Producers (April 2, 2012)

This week’s Top Producers made it happen in a variety of ways! Watch and read below to find out how they did it!

Andrew Helgeson – MGA – Olympia, WA – $7,524 ALP


Trevor Mayer – MGA – Redmond, WA – $6,946 ALP

I didn’t do anything special, all I did was see 27 people. It isn’t hard to make Top Producers when you see a lot of people and let the numbers work for you. Every time I hit Top Producers I focus on my controllables. Activity is something you can control easy, so I focus on that as well as my attitude. Having a positive attitude goes far in winning the close sales. If you see a large number of people, you do not have to worry if you make this sale or that sale because you WILL make sales. It takes the pressure off and you just focus on the numbers. High activity leads to a positive attitude which leads to more sales because your not relying on just a few appointments to make money. Having high activity and being positive are two things you can control which equate to sales because you can’t always control your sales.

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