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Behind This Week’s Top Producers (March 19, 2012)

Your Top Producers this week were all about activity, referrals, and making good use of resources. Here is how they made it all happen!

Cameron Severns – Portland East, OR

“I did it by making sure I booked on referral from the home in EVERY appointment. Not everyone did it, but it set me up for success!”




Gabrielle Harris – Richmond, VA

“This was really only my third week on my own, and I know I could not have done it without help from everybody in my office, especially Jennifer Henderson, my mentor. She has been nothing but helpful throughout the training process and has helped to set up for my success!”


Darnell Alboro – Maui, HI

“I was successful due to lots of activity and picking up referrals!”






Increase you odds of closing a sale and earning more money by making a point to have as many presentations as possible. Great job everyone who made Top Producers!

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