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How to Find Success Through Self-Discipline

Bestselling Author, 2011 ABC/SWAT Keynote speaker, and friend of Altig, Rory Vaden published a guest article on CNN Opinions! Rory talked about how you can reach your goals through self discipline. This article has GREAT advice that is inspiring, practical and simple! Below is a snippet taken from the article, to read the full article click HERE.

“Whether you’re a leader, a team member, or a candidate, success comes from having the discipline to do the things that you know you should be doing, even when you don’t feel like doing them. When you practice this kind of self discipline regularly, you’ll naturally stand out from the pack — because most people avoid the hard stuff. It’s just easier to put it off.

But the truth is that what feels easy now creates problems down the line. And what feels hard now — doing the stuff you don’t feel like — makes everything easier in the long-term. Self discipline doesn’t have to be hard — you just have to change the way you think about it.”

If you haven’t watched Rory’s keynote speech from last years ABC/SWAT, click HERE to do it now (Find all the 2011 ABC/SWAT speeches by clicking HERE)!

Find Rory’s bestselling book, “Take the Stairs” on Amazon by clicking HERE.

How can you implement self discipline in your career goals? Do you have any other tips for achieving success? Share you comments below.

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