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Behind this Week’s Top Producers (March 12, 2012)

Anyone who writes $6,000 ALP or more in a week knows how to write business and work hard! Here are four of your TOP Producers for the week and how they made it happen!

John Sparby – Minneapolis, MN

“I made Top Producers this week by having $2,112 ALP per sale!’ By having a high ALP per sale your able to increase your paychecks without having to increase activity!



Stephan Johannsson – Redmond, WA

Stephan had multiple angles to his success in Top Producers this week but the main thing was having high activity! He did it with “21 presentations, two agents in the car with me, and making sure we always had somewhere to go!’


Bruce Tan – Honolulu, HI

What made me successful this week was booking referrals from the home using text messaging. Not only did I present it that same day, I even enrolled them, too!



Darrell Asbell – Huntington Beach, CA

Darrell was able to write $6,528 this week with $4,968 in just a single sale! For Darrell that meant getting a $414 check from ONE sale!

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