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Behind this Week’s Top Producers (Feb 27, 2012)

This week’s Top Producers are bringing you some GREAT advice on how YOU can make Top Producers next week!

Richard Davis – Winnipeg South, MB – $9,200 ALP

Building Rapport is key with POS, they have to know you honestly care about them and their needs, before they care. You need to probe and ask the correct questions when dealing with families and individuals. Use the laptop and the needs analysis to diagnosis their needs – one thing I personally add to the close question for POS is OR DO YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO DO MORE TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AT THIS POINT. Let them decide what is the appropriate amount of coverage they need at this point.

Once policy holders know how much you care care about their families, they will close themselves  at an appropriate amount of coverage, that is why my POS sale averages $1,500.00 ALP. One of my presentations this past week was to a family group who had actually called me back to review their benefits. I had enrolled two of the children into their own programs six months ago and the parents and kids listened attentively to my presentation and the needs analysis – with effective probing. I found out that one of their friends recently died leaving the surviving parent in financial distress and even though the two children were enrolled less than six months ago, there circumstances had changed dramatically. They knew that additional coverage was needed to fill the void! One presentations lead to 3 sales in one home, leaving the family feeling comfortable with their decisions.

One secret to my continued success is following the strategy set up by Chad Deley, concentrate on closing seniors and you can close anybody!!!

Hunter Houvener – Lynnwood, WA – $8,172 ALP

I had a great week on the road out in Longview, WA. A couple things that helped me out was number one, assuming the enrollment throughout the whole presentation and number two was using the union affiliation that we have to help me enroll pretty much everyone we saw this week.

Number one was assuming the enrollment. During the qualifications questions I always ask if the doctor will give them a good bill of health when I send in their application, then assuming the enrollment  during the read-off letter – whether it’s a union, referral or a policy member.

Number two was using the union affiliations, when people understand the exclusiveness of the benefits there’s a HUGE level of urgency when enrolling while they’re still healthy and have this opportunity. You really want to hype the fact that these are usually just union benefits that’s why you’re out here and that’s why they need to set up their freedom of choice, paycheck protection and the AD&D benefits now!

Kory Kuipers – London, ON – $6,057 ALP

My success came from being on the road, I went out on a road trip about 9 hours away and just saw a ton of people and really worked hard on my script and creating the need in the benefits. I look forward to the next road trip.



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