Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

The Glass is MORE Than Half Full! has posted a GREAT article by Rose Cahill on seeing the opportunity for Life Insurance in today’s market. With great ideas on how to present the need, to how much opportunity you have as an Insurance Expert, it’s a must-read!

“It’s really up to those of us in the business to connect with our clients each year and ask the important questions. If you ask them if anything significant has happened in their lives over the past year or two (back to those triggers I mentioned earlier), many will answer in the affirmative, especially in this day and age, when change seems to be more frequent. They might mention losing a job, having another child, refinancing their home, the loss of a loved one, starting a second career. Any and all of these changes provide an opportunity to revisit the individual’s coverage to assure it is adequate. And in most cases, it won’t be — hence, the opportunity.”

Read the article full article by clicking HERE.

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