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Behind this Week’s Top Producers

This week’s Top Producers had a great week of production! Check out exactly how they did it and get some great ideas to increase your production!

Ben Clabaugh – Las Vegas Central, NV – $8,798 ALP

I made the top producer list this week by focusing on one simple thing, having high activity! I had 20 presentations this week!



Bruce Tan – Honolulu, HI – $7,326 ALP

What made this a successful this week for me is that I booked up more referrals this week using text messaging.  Not only did I have more pre-books, but I built more credibility and created urgency since the phone call actually came from the member’s home.


Cynthia Wilhelmi – Fargo, ND – $6,514 ALP

I attribute the increased production this week to simply putting faith in our systems and embracing the new laptop presentation and videos – Just letting the system work and when that happens we help more families and have more personal success.  I also believe when I have focused on need based benefits instead of affordability, then affordability is never an issue because they are so excited about all the benefits they will receive.

Since the first of the year I have personally focused on balancing body, mind and spirit at the advice of our Chairman, Rick Altig, and setting personal goals in all these areas and being accountable to these to my mentor Dustin Venekamp – this has helped me to keep focused on leading by example.

Terry Bellajaro – Honolulu, HI – $6,402 ALP

This week I worked on my referrals and POS. I topped up whatever they had and sold select life. My “bookends” are important – first thing – establish rapport to gain their trust and cement the sale before leaving the home.



Grace Jongejan – Surrey, BC – $6,399 ALP

How did I do it? With a 50% close ratio (4th week after being coded)! But really, it is loving to help people and making it make sense to them!




What is it that keeps your production high? Do you have any questions for this week’s Top Producers? Leave a comment below!

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