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Tips From a Few of This Week’s Top Producers (2/6/2012)

Get the secrets to how a few of this week’s top producers made it happen!

Randy Souliers

RGA – St. John’s, NF – $10,291 ALP

One of the things that will help if you’re a manager is to take an associate with you in the field! Susan Fischer and I went out on a road trip last week and having her ride along with me kept my activity high – we saw a lot of people and used the laptop presentation. With the Laptop we sold three people who I had previously seen and hadn’t made the sale, but with the laptop I was able to enroll them in the funeral benefit! Lastly, 8 of the sales we made last week were from referrals we collected DURING the road trip – so make sure to book your referrals RIGHT away!

Tiare Hubbard

Associate – Maui, HI – $6,327 ALP

My success story is simply: DROP BY’S!  2/3rds of my sales so far this year were done on a drop by – also being thorough and able to overcome objections by educating the person in front of you. Third and most importantly, always have a trainee in the car with you. Accountability goes a long way. Thank you for the opportunity!



Nick Powell

Associate – Santa Rosa, CA – $6,237 ALP

My secret was a road trip to Chico, CA! Really what made it a success were two things, urgency, letting every single person know that this is for today and I wouldn’t be back around for a while. The second thing I did was showing the full 5% of the family’s income. I made sure they knew that it was a safe amount that they could afford and then I showed them know how the program benefited their family.

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