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Behind the Top Producers

The Altig Top Producers are the weekly company leaders in the field. They are the ones pushing the boundaries of what is possible and now they’re here to share HOW they made last week’s Top Producers!

Linda Henke – $14,363 ALP
Associate – Maui, HI

All of the amazing energy I brought back from the 2011 ABC/SWAT convention has allowed the New Year to start out with a bang! I have had the honor of being promoted to a field trainer, which is so inspiring because it allows me to introduce new agents to the extremely meaningful work that we do. Being out in the field, filling our days up with constant activity, and coding new agents has been such a valuable opportunity for me to share with others. The excitement of seeing new agents pass their tests and start their road to success is what fuel’s me in this career of endless growth possibilities. See you at the top!


Helen Taylor – $6,795 ALP
Associate – Surrey, BC

I decided to go on a road trip during the holidays so soon as families were available to see us and we came to take care of their very important concerns. Also, the contest is on so wanted to help my team to win and wanted to produce my share.





Levi Stearns – $6,022 ALP
SA – Lynnwood, WA

I have been on top producers about 5 times now and plan on being a regular appearance, I really have to give all the credit to Dan Toshner for coming up in mid November to show me some new strategies and how to work smart. My one secret that I would share with everyone is to be confident, and treat each client as your friend or family member. I believe that our products sell themselves, so the last thing we want to do is try selling them to people. It is all about getting to know them. Like Rick says, “find the why” – why they specifically need a certain package, and then just finding affordability.


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