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Phil’s Memo 1/24/2012

“Mentally, the only players who survive in the pros are the ones able to manage all their responsibilities”

Tom Brady

We’re going to leave Las Vegas for a special report.  No, Elvis has not been sighted.   Just a couple housecleaning items.

Several states increased their minimum wage in 2012, including Washington State.   If you work in Montana, Vermont, or Oregon, be sure you are cognizant of the change that happened this month.  The Federal Rate remains at $7.25.   I want to propose installing a Minimum Wage at Altig.   Here’s what I’m proposing.  Every agent, from their very first day at the company, has a minimum of 2 sales a week.   Is that what we want them to have?   Are the Packers going to the Super Bowl?   Absolutely not.   But like the name describes.  There has to be a minimum.   The federal government has pegged that number at $7.25.   Why did I pick 2 sales?

Here’s the math.   The average sale this week at Altig was $862.99   Two sales gives you ALP of $1,726.   The advance on that is $560.95.   With two sales, you will always have your 15% bonuses, so that’s $258.90.  Total CASH up front is $819.85.  Or $20.50 an hour or $41,000 a year.   Yes, that is almost exactly 3 times the national minimum wage.   But I believe that is what a minimum wage should be.

So make the Minimum Wage Commitment to your agency today.  We’ll show you how to make $75,000 and well into six-figures on a management contract BUT, you will NEVER make less than $40,000 if you work for me.  As long as you work full-time, I’ll make sure you have 2 sales a week.  Even if that means I need to go out there and show you myself, you will have 2 sales.   Can you make that pledge?

And, of course, it’s Super Bowl Break, or whatever you call the dead weeks between the divisional championships and the Big Game.   And I always try to learn something from it.  Today, I want to see what we can take out of the story of Tom Brady.    Football is a team sport, and all the positions are important; but the focus always automatically goes to the quarterback.   And none has been better this decade than Tom Brady.    He’s playing in his fifth Super Bowl, and even being surrounded by inferior players, especially on defense, the Patriots are a three point favorite to take the trophy.

Every team would kill for a Tom Brady.   But every team had a chance to pick him.   FIVE or SIX times.   Yes, in the 2000 NFL draft, Tom Brady was not taken until the 6th round, the 199th pick.  And here these sophisticated talent scouts that get paid six figures to be able to spot success.   They all missed.   Why did they miss?  And what is it about Tom Brady that makes him successful?

Well, first of all, it isn’t natural athletic ability.  While all the scouts had their stopwatches on and counted reps in the weight room, they missed him.  As one analyst explains:  The NFL is made up of “people in the middle.”     There are a few that are so gifted, so talented, that they don’t need to spend tremendous amounts of time in the film or weight room.   There are a bunch that NO amount of work and training will get them into the league.   And then there’s the BIG MIDDLE.   And that’s where Tom is.

What makes him successful?  He is more focused and can retain focus longer than any other player in the game.    He has an incredible level of focus.   But so do a lot of players.   But he never lets up.   Where most players are satisfied with a Super Bowl ring, he just intensifies.    And that’s why I think Tom Brady is the key to Altig’s success.   Yes, we have a few uber-talented people.   And sometimes people come to us that will probably never be successful, regardless how much training and supervision they had.  But most of us are in the BIG MIDDLE.   And what separates the winners from those who don’t make it is FOCUS and RETAINING FOCUS.  If you have a couple bad weeks (or good weeks for that matter) and are satisfied with that and let up a bit, or give up a little bit, you will never experience long-term success.   Let’s look at FOCUS.

Many of our people in the BIG MIDDLE were underestimated and overlooked in their life or career.  They have something to prove.   That is a major motivator for Tom Brady.    When he starts feeling like coasting a bit, he goes back and looks at the list of 198 people that people thought were better than he.  Let it be one to you too.

Let’s do a fly-by on this week’s top performers.   Overall, the numbers are solid.  Almost $900 per sale and 1 out of 4 closing.     Alan Martyn used to say, “Always Happy, Never Satisfied.”   Dog gonnit.  He was right again.  

Hawaii was the best of the bunch.  $114,309.     $961 per sale, 26% closing, 58 writing agents.   Maui was the muscle.  $39,562 with 8 agents in that one office.   Yes, that’s $4,945 ALP PER AGENT.   How do 8 agents average $5,000 apiece?   More substantial sized deals,  $1,236 to be exact.   They collect a ton of referrals and have spectacular training, that boosts their closing ratio up over 45%.   Ualena and Honolulu had $16,000 and $14,000 respectively.   Raymond Angeles, Pamela Furuyan, Daven Hermosura, Chris Clark.  High level leaders that are passionate about what they do.  If you want an infusion of energy, start Face-booking these guys.  Who motivates the motivator?   They all do.

British Columbia.  Outstanding week.  $81,430.   They average over $2,900 in ALP across the province.    Surry had $39,000; Burnaby $32,000.   Those are your two leading offices.    $936 ALP per sale.   32% closing ratio, so they sign up about one out of every three people they talk to.    You don’t have to see too many people at that rate to have 4 or 5 sales.    Surry averaged 5 sales per agent.

California, $65,400.  Santa Rosa $24,000, Los Angeles $23,000, Huntington Beach $18,000.  $900 a sale, 29% closing ratio and over $2,400 ALP per agent.    They’re making good money in the Golden State.

Personal numbers?   How bout this one:   Richard Luzaich.  10 sales, $22,114.   Takes some agents a month to do that.   Richard knocks it out in a week.   Linda Henke.  46 sets, 27 sits, an15 sales for $17,910.   Yes, hard work still works.   Alan Sedaghat.   $15,232.   Alan can write his own ticket.   Literally.  Whatever he wants to do, he’s got the talent.  Still, he has 18 appointments and 12 sales.  He is focused.   Ryan Kendl, $10,130.   But he does that every week.  Jonathan Emura.   Most talented guy in the company?   Might be.  $9,408.

Last kudos:   The Million Dollar guys.   Tim Cruise just did that and then again plus a half again.   Yes, over $2.5 million in production the past 12 years.   Got a bunch of guys between $1.3 and $1.5 million.    Jinzhou Zhao, Kelly McDonald, Joey Kennedy.   Teresa Bellajaro, Al-Karim Walji,  and Alan Sedagat are in the $1.1 to $1.2M range.   Steve Stendrud and Helen Taylor both are in the exclusive club.   Dave Thorton JUST went over.   $1,007,000.    Kevin Appasamy should go over in the never couple weeks.   This takes sustained focus.   They are the Altig Super Bowl Champs.


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